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Tell us about Goldrich Kest and your current role with the company


A: I am a regional manager at Goldrich Kest, a privately-owned real estate company that was founded in 1957. We are focused on the management, redevelopment and acquisition of multifamily residential properties, and we are headquartered in Culver City, California. Goldrich Kest owns and manages properties throughout the state, including 120 apartment buildings, five marinas, and 24 senior living facilities. As regional manager, I am responsible for property management, coordinating marketing efforts and overseeing and developing staff.


How did you get started in this industry?


A: My interest in the industry started during my childhood. After my parents divorced, my mother, myself and two sisters moved into an apartment complex in Encino, Ca. This gave me an opportunity to peer into the inner workings of the apartment industry. This expanded when, at age 5, I helped the residents by passing out notices for them. I was also quite the terror at most of the GK properties as I lived near two of them. Fast forward to college, where I studied business and played on the men’s basketball team. After college, I knew I was not going to continue playing, so I decided to return to my childhood interest and pursue a career in property management. Since joining the industry more than 18 years ago, I have served in various capacities including as a leasing agent, portfolio and property manager and, currently, as a regional manager.  Working for GK Management has given me the opportunity to give back to my community and be of service.  It feels good to see improvements made in your community and that you were a small part of it.



What is your educational background?


A: I went to two colleges and studied Business Communications. However, my real education has come from my basketball experience, team mentality, hands-on and day-to-day experience working in various roles within the industry over the last 18 years. I am always looking at new and innovative ways and heavily believe in analytics. A collegue of David’s stated “when David reads financials or goes over them he is like Mosart, he sees things others don’t”.   I have always been able to look at numbers and equations and figure them out quickly. When I look at a situation I look at it from a numbers perspective always. I also believe in this field, you often learn from your mistakes and thrive when you’re surrounded by great colleagues. I have been fortunate to have had great people around me to learn from and bounce ideas off of. I have also learned a considerable amount from my clients and their individual situations and needs.


To what do you attribute your success?


A: I have gotten to where I am today because of people trusting in me and because of my strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I take great pride in maintaining great relationships in this industry with my collegues and clients.  I believe in providing the best customer service and making the resident a priority. Customer service is a lost art these days as computers and technology have taken over, people have forgotten to interact and communicate with each other. As a leader, I am diligent about providing a fun and team atmosphere but always strive to be the best, from my Basketball days.  


What advice do you have to someone staring out?


A: I would tell them to come into the industry or any industry with humility and be willing to learn.  Play to your strengths, and prioritize your time wisely.  Spend time on the important issues and tasks needed not the minor or less important tasks. Lastly, I would say to develop relationships with every customer as they can change your life or you could change theirs positively.  Always treat your clients warmly and respectfully and remember that they are turning to you for help with a very important task—finding a home. The work is tough, but this is a very rewarding career and there are a lot of customers that have taught me a lot about life and business.


Have you received any honors or awards?


A: I have received a variety of awards during my time in this industry, but my greatest accomplishment has been helping thousands of people find a home. I truly believe in bringing customer service back to the apartment industry and work hard to make sure my clients feel safe, happy and secure in their new home.



Would you like to mention any mentors?


A: There have been so many people that have influenced me throughout my career it is hard to name just a few. I thank all of them for trusting in me and being open and candid with their advice. This can be a tough industry, so developing relationships with professionals of all experience levels along the way is essential to success. I have learned so much from so many different people, and I could not be where I am today without their guidance and support.


Away from the business how do you spend your time?


A: I am a single father with two beautiful daughters: Emma, who is five years old, and Ava, who is seven. I spend most of my time with them. We love visiting the beach and being outdoors as much as possible.  We do dress up and go for manicures and pedicures and all the girly stuff. Being a single father of two can be tough at times but I still believe in Family my two daughters are my everything.


Website: www.goldrichkest.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-plaxen-aa336a130/

Email: DPlaxen@GoldrichKest.com

Phone: (323( 400-8414

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