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David Wolf


In the heart of Chicago, a young drummer, David Wolf, beat rhythms into the vibrant cityscape. That nascent passion for music would soon transcend into an illustrious career that saw him pioneering the world of audio media.


David's early forays into the world of music were underscored by his undeniable aptitude. Drawn to the possibilities of composition and the allure of film scoring, he apprenticed with Dick Marx & Associates. The company, leading the charge in the jingle and advertising realm, exposed David to the commercial side of music, laying the foundations for his future enterprises.


After a transformative five years with Dick Marx, David channeled his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit into establishing Crywolf Productions in Dallas in 1985. As the maestro of his own venture, David composed and produced music for giants like Southwest Airlines, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Chuck E Cheese, Barney the Dinosaur, and many more. Crywolf’s studio also provided recording and production services for luminaries like Amblin, Discovery Channel, NBC Universal, and Disney, all marking Crywolf's footprint in the industry. Yet, David's insatiable hunger for growth and the urge to scale up saw him pivoting from the confines of creativity to the expansive realm of business.


The tune of entrepreneurship took him to Albuquerque, where alongside his brother, he resurrected a floundering bagel business. It was during this 9-year odyssey that David fine-tuned his business acumen—navigating the challenges of leadership, capital formation, and management. But the call of audio was undeniable. David soon found himself back in its embrace, this time exploring the emerging world of podcasting with SmallBiz America, a podcast and syndicated radio platform amplifying the voices of small business owners. As podcasting witnessed a meteoric rise, so did David's expertise. His penchant for audio, combined with his business savvy, created a demand, with clients flocking to launch their own podcasts.


It was in this vortex of booming podcast and audiobook consumption that Audivita Studios was birthed in 2017. A testament to David's vision, Audivita Studios emerged as the confluence of his profound understanding of audio and production, married with his newly acquired business skills and the burgeoning consumer demand. Today, under David's stewardship, Audivita Studios is a million-dollar company, annually producing 200 audiobooks and overseeing 50 podcasts. Their noble mission? To help content creators connect their voice to the world. From strategy development to distribution, Audivita is the embodiment of David's vision to leverage audio into a scalable, impactful business.


David, the founder and CEO of Audivita Studios, is more than just a media entrepreneur. A nationally syndicated radio host and podcaster, his 20-year broadcasting legacy spans radio, TV, film, and multimedia. His leadership at Audivita encompasses shaping company culture, overseeing finances, and driving performance. For David, the impact Audivita has on its team and clients isn't just business; it's a mission—a vision that drives him daily.


Beyond his business ventures, David's accolades extend to the world of academics and creative pursuits. A proud alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, he's also a licensed commercial pilot, and prior holder of Series 7 and 66 licenses for financial services. His creative genius has been lauded with multiple advertising awards for music and sound.


David Wolf's journey, from a musician in Chicago to the helm of a million-dollar audio media company, is a testament to the symphony of passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of growth. Through Audivita Studios, David's melodies continue to reverberate, connecting voices to the world.


David Wolf
Audivita Studios


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