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David appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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David Zietsma


In a time when global industries are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint, David Zietsma is forging a path for electric vehicles in agriculture. As CEO of Toronto based TruEV Solutions, Inc., he is helping bring to North America’s farmers the first full-size electric utility tractors—and with more torque than their 170HP diesel counterparts.


In his 30 years of experience as an expert growth strategy consultant, David has helped companies of all sizes find new growth by embracing shifting customer needs – from redefining the role of Staples in the world of working and learning, to introducing the sport of adventure racing to Canadians. Over the years, his achievements have been mentioned in McClean’s Magazine, Adventure Sports Magazine, and Explore Magazine. Now, he is using that expertise to bring clean energy to the farm, creating new possibilities for farmers. “What I enjoy most is that we’re making a difference,” he shares. “We are helping address a problem that means something in the world.”


TruEV’s pilot program will launch in summer this year and will run for six months, including the extreme cold of winter. They selected 10 farms to work with from dozens of enthusiastic applicants, who will record performance across a range of jobs and provide design input. More importantly, their program partner, Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association, will write a third-party report outlining the path to electrifying all farm equipment, which will be available to the public throughout North America at the start of 2024.


David Zietsma

CEO — TruEV Solutions, Inc.



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