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David Zilberman

David Zilberman is chief financial officer of The Money Store. Founded in 2000, the company is often believed to be the “old” Money Store, the largest SBA lender in the country. However, this is the new Money Store, a full-service mortgage banker that focuses strictly on residential mortgages for customers nationwide. After realigning executive management, hiring a new COO, and overseeing a complete overhaul of its compliance structure, The Money Store emerged as rebuilt organization committed to providing everyday homeowners with a wide range of mortgage options to fit their specific lifestyles. A trusted name for over 40 years, The Money Store remains a family-owned company, but one with a large infrastructure that is still able to compete with some of the larger lenders across the country.

As the Company’s CFO since 2008, David has supervised The Money Store’s tremendous growth over the last few years, driven by its flat organizational structure—a point of pride for the company and a model that allows it to provide a more competitive price and greater flexibility in its services. “Without multiple levels of management, people can still communicate directly with executive management without going through a ton of people to get there,” David shares. While the company’s growth was already moving at an impressive pace, it was the turbulent market conditions associated with COVID-19 that catapulted its upward trajectory. The Money Store was well prepared for the pandemic, having already invested in infrastructure after Hurricane Sandy to allow it to quickly pivot and seamlessly transition its employees to working remotely from home. The Money Store is committed to giving back to the communities that each of its branches serve. In addition to its first responders’ program, the company gives quarterly donations to charities and organizations, from packing backpacks for students to supporting single moms.

David Zilberman  |  Chief Financial Officer — MLD Mortgage Inc.  
30 B Vreeland Road, Suites 200 & 220, Florham Park, NJ 07932 

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