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Denise Murtha Bachmann

In the ever-evolving terrain of sales, Denise Murtha Bachmann stands as a luminary, seamlessly blending her rich background with a forward-looking vision. With over three decades of sales expertise under her belt, she holds the reins as the co-founder and CEO of Success with AI, a venture that's redefining sales education while prioritizing human connection.


The birth of Success with AI in the summer of 2022 marked a transformative juncture. With an impressive track record boasting over $75 million in sales and the construction of a pipeline exceeding $200 million, Denise embarked on a mission to foster growth in sales professionals. Her coaching and consulting services, honed over years of managing and mentoring individuals, underscore her commitment to nurturing talent.


The premise of Success with AI is as innovative as it is vital. An amalgamation of group coaching, mastermind sessions, and personalized guidance, this endeavor transcends mere sales instruction. Denise's brainchild, Sellovatorz, emerged within this framework, setting itself apart by guiding individuals to adopt and adapt to AI while cultivating and elevating the human experience. Anchored in the contemporary digital landscape, her programs are uniquely positioned to cater to the demands of the evolving sales world.


Central to Denise's endeavors is the aspiration to build a legacy that harmonizes financial accomplishment and emotional fulfillment. Having recently turned 50, her focus is resolute – she envisions a path that not only elevates her clients, but also leaves an indelible impact on her children, aged 14 and 9. This dynamic vision encompasses diverse trajectories, whether empowering clients with enhanced skills, fostering human connections, or achieving unprecedented sales milestones.


What sets Denise apart is her unwavering commitment to crafting experiences. In an era dominated by digital interfaces, she recognizes the enduring value of real human connection. Her mission encapsulates a profound desire to drive positive change, guiding others to embrace their finest selves. The pinnacle of Denise's achievements, amid an array of accolades, remains her entrepreneurial leap. Embarking on her own business journey, a dream cultivated since childhood, she exemplifies the spirit of a true trailblazer.


In a landscape where technology drives transformation, Denise architects an environment where growth, evolution, and genuine connection converge, fostering the best in individuals and setting a formidable standard for the industry at large.



Denise Murtha Bachmann
Success with AI


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