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Dennis Clark


Since joining Shelton Capital Management in 2011, Dennis Clark has served as the firm’s managing director. Prior to joining Shelton Capital, he was co-founder and president of Advisor Partners, an asset management firm catering to professional investment advisors.  This after a long tenure as a senior executive of the Charles Schwab Corporation has established Dennis as a respected leader in the financial services industry.


Shelton Capital Management is a multi-strategy asset manager with offices in San Francisco, Denver and Greenwich. The firm offers investment solutions, including mutual funds and separate accounts, to the clients of wealth managers, individual investors, and the retirement plan market. Since its founding in 1985, Shelton Capital has maintained consistent investment principles as well as a steadfast focus on delivering authentic customer service. As of September 30, 2019, the company manages over $2 billion in client assets.   


As the managing director of Shelton Capital, Dennis is responsible for developing sales, marketing, and strategy initiatives. He is a member of the executive management team along with the chief executive officer, Steve Rogers, and the general counsel and chief compliance officer, Greg Pusch.


According to Dennis, the investment management business is experiencing dramatic changes with the trend towards index investing, consolidation among asset managers and shrinking margins.  As a boutique firm competing with industry giants, Shelton Capital is growing and responding to these changes in several ways. For one, the firm is growing organically by providing existing clients with authentic service.  As an example, portfolio managers are available to meet or talk with their advisor clients directly on a regular basis. As another example, Shelton Capital’s retirement plan clients enjoy the benefits of investment education meetings conducted onsite at the employees’ workplace. 


Another important competitive advantage is the variety of unique and compelling investment solutions Shelton Capital manages. The firm offers a Tactical Credit strategy and an Option Overwrite strategy, both seeking to provide a high level of income in an otherwise low yield environment.  In addition, Shelton Capital has an International Equity strategy that has a unique approach to security selection with a long-term track record of success.


Lastly, the firm is executing on its acquisition strategy. This involves identifying other asset managers experiencing the same challenges. Acquisitions can take the shape of Shelton Capital absorbing another asset manager’s mutual funds or doing a “lift out” of an entire portfolio management team.


Dennis believes his industry has a responsibility to address the retirement savings crisis in this country.  He explains “the financial services industry has not responded adequately, nor has our education system or our leaders in Washington DC.  We’ve seen some changes on the margin in terms of transparency, the move away from commissions to fee-based advice and regulatory oversight. However, much more can be done to de-mystify investing and educate people earlier in their careers as to the value and importance of investing basics.  The impact of making smart investing decisions can have a dramatic and positive effect on one’s comfort and lifestyle especially later in life.”    



Dennis Clark, Managing Director

Shelton Capital Management

580 California Street,  16th floor

San Francisco, California  94104


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