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Derek Zweig


Derek Zweig, as the CEO and co-founder of Value Analytics, is a seasoned expert in quantitative risk and asset valuation, with a particular focus on closely held equity throughout his illustrious career. In 2021, he embarked on a groundbreaking journey, co-founding Value Analytics, a trailblazing market data firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


At its core, Value Analytics is a provider of essential financial statement and equity data for exchange-traded, U.S. public companies. Additionally, they offer an array of analytics tools and templates, accessible through both a web-based platform and an Excel plug-in, catering to dozens of valuation analysts and commercial valuation enterprises.


Derek's vision for Value Analytics arose from a glaring need in the industry. Observing that competitors' services were prohibitively expensive and lacked affordable alternatives, he recognized the clear divide between firms that could afford big data providers and those that couldn't. Determined to level the playing field, Derek ingeniously isolated the critical business valuation component and offered it independently at a fraction of the cost. This innovative approach allowed industries with specific needs to access the platform efficiently and affordably.


Value Analytics' distinguishing factor lies in its commitment to serving precisely what the valuation industry requires. By cutting out excess data and services, and organizing public company equity data—integral to the valuation process— in a clear and accessible manner, Derek's company became the most cost-effective option in the market. Their subscription basis of $70/month pales in comparison to competitors charging hundreds or even over $1,000 a month.


As a true analyst at heart, Derek remains deeply engaged in all aspects of analysis and tool development, a testament to his unyielding passion for the field. His active involvement in every facet of the company has proven invaluable for problem-solving and innovative product development.


Derek boasts an impressive array of credentials, including CFA and FRM designations, an MS in applied economics from Johns Hopkins, and ongoing pursuit of a graduate certificate in financial engineering at Columbia University. His expertise is further exemplified by his notable peer-reviewed papers, Market Power, NAIRU, and the Phillips Curve; and Size and Capitalization Adjustments for Market-Based Pricing Multiples. As Derek continues to spearhead Value Analytics, he remains at the forefront of revolutionizing the valuation industry, offering affordable solutions without compromising on quality and efficiency.


Derek Zweig
Value Analytics


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