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Devan Wyson


Devan Wyson is changing the way people receive financial advice. He sees employer-provided financial literacy as a game-changer to which every person should have access. He deeply values civic duty and you can regularly find him teaching financial classes for high school students in Nevada or as a guest speaker at UNLV. Devan, a CFP®, has a master’s degree in financial services and has served in that industry since 2007. Having been active across a broad range of organizations, he has worked with clients at every income level—from those living paycheck to paycheck, to those with eight-figure bank accounts. As the founder and CEO of Forthright Partners, Devan’s scope of experience gives him a unique insight that allows him to connect with each client. Forthright Partners is the first company of its kind, offering unbiased, objective financial advice without selling anything. There are absolutely no sales tactics, no strings attached, and no conflicts of interest. Employers can add this service to their benefits package with a per-employee fee structure, thereby giving their employees access to one-on-one attention from a qualified financial expert from the comfort of their home. The calls are confidential, and the advice is pure.

Devan’s inspiration for starting the firm stemmed from calling a 24-hour nursing hotline when his daughter was an infant. In the middle of the night, he and his wife awoke to their newborn baby coughing violently. He remembered that his employer-provided health insurance included a nursing hotline, which he used to receive help for his infant daughter. A lightbulb came on in Devan’s mind and he realized people needed that same service for financial advice. He pushed the idea aside and continued climbing the ranks in the world of financial planning until 2021, when life’s journey took him to a place that made him decide it was time to step out on a limb and do something that would truly make a difference. Though “the business model didn’t exist” and walking away from a bank job with a large book of business was daunting, he sees it as his greatest professional accomplishment. To quote Author John Green, “What’s the point in being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


Devan Wyson

Founder & CEO — Forthright Partners



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