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Devon Davidson

With over a decade in sales, marketing, and business management, Devon Davidson has spent years researching the cannabis plant and has seen first-hand the benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) can bring to people’s lives. As a passionate entrepreneur in the cannabis sector, he co-founded Canalief Inc. where he serves as president and chief executive officer. Currently, Davidson is using his skills and experience to lead the company into an exciting new industry.


Based out of Bassano, Alberta, Canalief is a cannabis cultivation and processing business that grew from the desire to help people actualize the health benefits of medical cannabis.


“We know from personal experience what it is like to want to break free from industrialized pharmaceuticals, and we’re here to offer a safe, effective alternative,” says Davidson.


Canalief digs deep into cutting-edge medical cannabis technology in order to grow with their partners and to provide safe, effective medical solutions. Team members also take pride in crafting a homegrown product and in creating real one-on-one connections with their customers.


As president and CEO, Davidson develops the strategies to make Canalief’s vision a reality. His responsibilities include overseeing all business operations, such as business development, hiring staff, and executing a strategy that will move Canalief toward its goals. Despite the myriad of ups and downs in the development of legal cannabis during the first couple of years, Davidson continues to strive on, making sure the company maintains a competitive edge as well as quality and consistency in products.


Canalief specializes in cannabis-derived CBD products of the highest quality and uses green technologies such as deep-water culture and top-tiered, full-spectrum LED lighting to maintain their commitment to responsible growing.


“I have received so much support from the people in my life. I am thankful to them and to the town of Bassano for being so welcoming to us and to our business,” Davidson says.


As natives of Calgary, Canada, Davidson and co-founder, Adam Bourbonnais, were looking for the perfect local home for Canalief, and were delighted to join the Bassano community.


“We hope to bring local values into our business by giving back to the community as much as possible,” Davidson says.


Canalief plans to support local school breakfast and lunch programs and offer bursary programs to post-secondary students.


“My motto has always been ‘No shortcuts,” Davidson says.


“Those two words permeate my life—from the cooking I do, the renovations I work on at home, to the way I run my business.”




Devon Davidson

President, CEO, and Co-Founder

Canalief Inc.

Bassano, Alberta



Instagram: @canaliefinc.



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