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Didier Occident

Financial Advisor: Occident Wealth Management/Northwestern Mutual

Sometimes, career change opportunities can come from the most unexpected situations. Ten years ago, this was the case for Didier Occident. Prior to his role with Northwestern Mutual, he worked as a securities analyst for Wachovia Securities. In 2008, the company announced that they were relocating, and he was forced to decide to relocate with the business or find a new career.  He decided to not to move and explains, “That choice was the best thing that ever happened to me.” He did not know it at the time, but that choice would set the stage for his success as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual.

After accepting an opportunity with Northwestern Mutual, he began learning the industry and building a prosperous career as a financial advisor. Moving into a new role and a new business, Didier decided that he would have “a passion for the process,” and he has lived by this motto ever since. He explains that he did not focus on the results – instead he focused on the day-to-day details of building a successful financial practice. In his first six months with Northwestern Mutual, Didier signed more new clients than anyone in the history of the 162-year-old company.

Now, with ten years at Northwestern Mutual, Didier has established Occident Wealth Management and grown his practice to over 600 active clients across all markets and industries including business owners, medical professionals, pharmacists, athletes and coaches.  It is a diverse, national practice that serves clients in 33 states. Didier adds that the success of his business is also due to a great support team, “In order to thrive, you have to have a great team. I am only as good as the people I have supporting me and working with me.” He adds that he is truly inspired by his staff and realizes that the best ideas come from collaboration, which is something that he always encourages. Northwestern Mutual is one of the oldest and top rated financial services firms in the country and Didier feels that it has given him a solid foundation because of the world class training they give to their employees and the elite products that they offer to their clients.

Didier’s hard work has also allowed him the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream. In 2018, he developed and now teaches a college financial literacy course that focuses on educating student athletes on how to manage their finances.

Didier Occident

Financial Advisor



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