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Dino was selected as one of the Top 100

Innovators & Entrepreneurs 

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Dino Demetriou

Dino Demetriou is a natural-born entrepreneur who is exceedingly creative and unwilling to let anything (even triple bypass surgery) get in the way of creating, developing, and sharing his visions. Born in York, England, he started his first company at just 17 years old; a pool hall and arcade. Later, he went on to own a haunted restaurant, a tearoom, a walking ghost tour, and a beach club on the beautiful Mediterranean shores of Cyprus. Today, he leads a thriving tech-based firm, MiniMe-Labs. Driven by the motto “Personify the Future,” the company specializes in developing hardware and software solutions focused on enhancing the customer experience locally and on-the-go. It all started with a life-changing event.


While in Cyprus, Dino suffered from a heart condition that required lifesaving surgery and a significant recovery period, during which his flourished creativity. He discovered that he had a talent for designing software and he soon pivoted from the physical world to the digital. He founded MiniMe-Labs six years ago with an awe-inspiring debut—ranking in the top five out of 68 new companies pitching at the IA accelerator at SXSW.


Since then, he has incubated additional brands under MiniMe-Labs’ umbrella: Morfus.AI and Midas Moon and has brought them together to create a single seamless experience. Midas Moon is an advanced advertisement platform that goes beyond traditional advertising via time and location targeting strategies. Morfus.AI has several different aspects, the download-free app that morphs itself to augment a user’s surroundings and deliver poignant, actionable information. With a single tap, a user can find new places and experiences, get directions or historical information, and even earn loyalty points for participating merchants. Morfus.AI delivers a one-of-a-kind online and offline experience. One of the premier products for example, is Flying Plaza, which helps airlines and customers create personalized experiences, easily navigate upgrades, access in-flight entertainment, and even make purchases. 


Just as he has done with every entrepreneurial endeavor, Dino is continuing his tradition of creating unforgettable experiences for everyone.


Dino Demetriou

CEO — MiniMe-Labs


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