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Dirk Downing

Dirk Downing has focused his entire career on mental performance. In 2017, he obtained a PhD in health education and promotion specializing in sports psychology. The same year, he founded Zoning In: Peak Performance Coaching, which offers individualized approaches to mental mastery through performance psychology consultation. Dirk coaches people on how to be more consistent, deliver under pressure, overcome setbacks, and avoid burnout. “These individually tailored workouts are carefully crafted to boost performance in creative and highly effective ways,” he explains. From athletes to coaches and business entrepreneurs to a variety of performers, Dirk has already helped hundreds of people nationwide to raise their game. And as a former competitive golfer and the author of Train Your Brain: Your Path to Peak Performance; Winning Mindset: Elite Strategies for Peak Performance, he knows of what he speaks.

Prior to starting his own business, Dirk served as a mental performance coach for D1 athletes at the University of Missouri, and for high school athletes. He’s since worked with collegiate golfers who have gone on to join the PGA, and high school athletes who have gone on to successful collegiate careers. Dirk also developed the mental training seminar “Building a Mental Golf Bag” for amateur golfers nationwide. As someone who helps others overcome mental obstacles, Dirk finds fulfillment in helping people maximize their performance. Game up.

Dirk holds a PhD in health education and promotion and an M.Ed. in sport and career counseling psychology from University of Missouri.

Dirk Downing

Founder & Mental Performance Coach — Zoning In: Peak Performance Coaching