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Dmitriy Chernyy

For Dmitriy Chernyy, managing attorney and owner of Chernyy & Associates, his passion for litigation and for his clients drives everything he does. As a personal injury lawyer, he is a fierce advocate for his clients, emotionally invested in each of their cases. “It’s about the client and making sure the client has the experience they’re supposed to have when they have an attorney representing them. I give each case everything I have,” he explains.

Dmitriy began his career on the other side of the courtroom, defending the interests of companies against the very clients he now represents. However, he soon found it unrewarding, morally and emotionally, and he decided that he no longer wanted to fight for the side of the Goliaths—he wanted to fight the good fight against them. When he was presented with an opportunity to join a plaintiffs’ personal injury firm and represent hundreds of plaintiffs, he jumped at the chance. After a successful tenure, in June 2019, he opened his own practice in Brooklyn, where he manages his firm’s personal-injury matters and serves as trial counsel for a host of other firms. “I am in the industry that I love. My practice and the firm that I am building is about getting a successful result for each client. When I agree to take a case or go into a trial, I feel like I am bleeding with the client—in war, in the trenches, next to the client. Losing is a lot more painful than the joy of winning,” he shares.

Dmitriy’s experience on the defense side gives his clients invaluable legal insight into the opposition. Drawing on his past experience as an award-winning coach for the mock trial teams at Syracuse University College of Law and Hofstra’s law school, he serves his clients as both skilled attorney and teacher, informing them every step of the way, throughout the entirety of their case. “As attorneys, we’ve done thousands of depositions and trials, but for a plaintiff, it is usually their first time, so it is always important to put them first,” he explains. “Clients at other personal injury firms tend to get ignored. I’ve taken on cases where clients were not getting the attention they deserved from their prior attorney and were not as informed as they should be. Our clients are always involved in every decision.”

Chernyy & Associates flourished and in January 2020, one of Dmitriy’s former legal colleagues and managing partner of Kremin Law, Todd Kremin, began working with the firm. The two had worked together at a national law firm, where Todd served as a partner for five years in the global insurance services group before opening his own firm in 2020. Kremin Law opened with the goal of providing legal services that are “transparent, practical, efficient, and honest.”

“I did not want to duplicate the same old law firm model that has been around for generations. Instead, I wanted to take an approach to client service that demystified the legal process for small and large clients alike, so the clients understood and were involved in the decision throughout the process of any transaction or litigation” Todd shares. “These are values that both Chernyy & Associates and Kremin Law share,” Dmitriy commented. 

As two attorneys ranked as Super Lawyers with shared backgrounds, Dmitriy and Todd are working together with plans to merge their firms completely within the next year. Their new firm will serve a broader field of specialties to include plaintiffs’ personal injury involving construction, motor vehicle, and premises liability in addition to plaintiffs’ insurance recovery, commercial litigation and business counseling. “We have always respected one another. We’ve been working together for a bit now, and it is a perfect fit. Our practices are different but our diverse skill sets complement each other’s perfectly.”


Dmitriy Chernyy

Owner and Managing Attorney— Chernyy & Associates, P.C.


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