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Donna appears in the 2020 Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine


Photograph by Mark Laurie, Inner Spirit Photography

Donna P. Dahl 
Master Empowerment Coach and Author

Most of Donna’s work happens behind the scenes as she coaches writers to become authors and leaders to inspire others. It is her passion that propels her voice to make a difference through her writing and her speaking. Those who have experienced her work have referred to her as a coach’s coach, thought leader, book shepherd, and paradigm shifter.

Donna adds, “Sometimes all it takes is for one person to extend a hand and suddenly life changes.”

When the publisher of a Calgary-based magazine approached Donna to write an article in support of entrepreneurs, everything in her life shifted. That article, published nearly two decades ago, launched Donna into writing a book, which became her foundation for a consulting role that continues to expand. It did not stop there. She was invited to host her own audio show on the Women’s Information Network and that led to writing a weekly column for an online newspaper. Her second book, Demystifying Marketing, became the marketing textbook for a local training company.

While Donna works with aspiring authors on developing high-quality manuscripts, she has also published five self-improvement books of her own. Her third Book, Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise, has received glowing reviews on Amazon. The short version of the commentaries? “You can’t read this book just once.”  January 1, 2020, Donna released, Empowering the Leader Within You, a journey into the world of an independent entrepreneur and a book touted to become a must-read for small business.

When it comes to success, Donna prefers to direct you to her readers, colleagues, and clients. As a servant leader, she believes it is their voices that matter most. Words like, “What can I say about Donna? She is a gem, a truly rare diamond. She continues to be a great friend, mentor, life coach, and book coach to me. She urges me to be better than I was yesterday,” stir her deeply.

And when inspirational words like this are recurring, tears of gratitude well up: “Donna is one of the most knowledgeable, down-to-earth and kindest persons I know. Her power through the written word is incredible. Her ability to get to what defines you will turn your life around so that you empower yourself and believe in yourself. If you cannot understand what keeps holding you back, then a conversation with Donna is an important first step.”

Brandon Royal, an award-winning writer and author of The Little Red Writing Book, testifies, “Donna has a knack for developmental editing, the type of editing that addresses macro issues within a story. With respect to my fiction writing, Donna has helped me to align story content with tone and to make sure the overall theme is advanced. In addition, she has an astute sense of word choice, which is key to ensuring that vocabulary is sufficiently varied as well as apropos.”


There is no doubt that Donna is an exceptional coach with an effective skill set.  She has been recognized with a number of awards: the 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the 100th Anniversary International Women’s Day Award for Outstanding Service to Business. Her master’s degree in educational psychology, her background in neurolinguistics and mediation, and her vast experiences as a journalist and editor together have melded into her unique and significant professional profile.


In Tortoise, Donna wrote, “Challengers inspire us to take giant steps long before we might ever become giants.” Because she is frequently encouraging others to giant step outside of their comfort zones, Donna feels it is only fair that she does the same. After years of coercion, she completed training for stand-up comedy. With proceeds going to charity, Donna is not only helping a good cause, but she is also helping others to laugh with her.


While being a sought-after industry leader, she still takes the time to serve. She is the chair of the selection committee for the Women of Inspiration Awards and she is a long-standing mentor to the CIBN Connect organization. As a master empowerment coach, when she extends her hand of encouragement to you, she works with you, so you become the hero of your own story.





Donna P. Dahl

Author and Master Empowerment Coach

Donna Dahl Coaching

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Donna's feature on page 60.

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