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Dr. Ayyappan K. Rajasekaran


Dr. Raj appears in the Top 100 

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Dr. Ayyappan K. Rajasekaran


"Make your goals a reality: Ignite them with passion and fuel them
with the enduring forces of hard work and perseverance."

Dr. Ayyappan K. Rajasekaran, widely known as Dr. Raj, is a visionary entrepreneur and distinguished scientist with an unwavering commitment to combating cancer. With a diverse portfolio of accomplishments, Dr. Raj has established himself as a trailblazer in multiple domains, ranging from groundbreaking medical advancements to revolutionary gardening solutions.


Dr. Raj's transformative journey began during his formative years when the poignant sight of suffering cancer patients ignited his lifelong mission. Witnessing the distressing scenes within the cancer ward during a hospital visit with his father, a nurse, spurred him to unravel the mysteries of this formidable disease. Driven by a burning desire to fathom its complexities, he embarked on a path of relentless pursuit. Over the past three and a half decades, his dedicated focus on cancer research has borne fruit, leading to the creation of a groundbreaking cancer treatment drug and a novel nanoparticle-mediated cancer drug delivery for childhood leukemia. Today, his enterprise, Therapy Architects, is poised to turn these pioneering inventions into a life-saving reality.


Dr. Raj's impact has reverberated across academia, with a storied career that includes prestigious appointments. Notably, he served as a professor of pathology at UCLA, a pediatrics professor at Thomas Jefferson University, and the founding director of the childhood cancer center at the Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children. Dr. Raj holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the esteemed Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, and an executive MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. To date, he has also been issued 10 patents.


Dr. Raj's altruistic aspirations have manifested in the form of the Cancer Vision Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating young minds about cancer prevention. He traverses the globe, delivering impassioned talks in schools, emphasizing the vital role of prevention in combating cancer. Dr. Raj's ambition knows no bounds; he envisions integrating cancer education into school curricula worldwide, collaborating with leaders in the White House, and pursuing dialogue with the World Health Organization.


Beyond the realm of medicine, Dr. Raj's ingenuity extends to his leisure pursuit—gardening. Frustrated by the relentless battle against weeds, he devised an ingenious solution. His brainchild, Weed Free Gardening, promises to revolutionize the gardening landscape. This innovative system eliminates the need for weeding and watering, allowing effortless cultivation and bountiful harvests. Scheduled for release on Amazon in September 2023, Weed Free Gardening stands poised to reshape how we nurture our green spaces.



Dr. Ayyappan K. Rajasekaran
Founder and President: Cancer Vision Foundation

Founder and President: Therapy Architects
Founder and CEO: Weed Free Gardening.

Facebook: GardenEZ

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