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Dr. Beverly Jones-Durr

When Dr. Beverly Jones-Durr was a student, she never hesitated to raise her hand in class or speak in front of a large crowd. But she noticed this wasn’t the case for most of her friends, who seemed to lack the confidence that came so easily to her. She never forgot this, and has made it her mission to educate children and build their self-esteem.


In college, Beverly obtained a degree in early childhood development. When she started working with the federal government, she pursued a second degree in legal policy and followed that with a master’s in government contract, administration, and management. Unconvinced this was her true calling, Beverly shifted her focus back to education and attained a PhD in educational leadership from George Washington University. In her work, she examines children’s educational systems and develops solutions so that every child gets an excellent education, regardless of their background.


To further accomplish her dream of helping children become more confident, Beverly founded Every Child Has A Story, a nonprofit that works with children to help them understand everyone has their own gifts. Its original program focused on helping kids with speech presentations and now incorporates other initiatives, including The Writers Vibe; Speech Crafters, for kids, teens, and parents who want to enhance their public speaking and debate skills; and The Legacy Business Academy, which features 65 mini-moguls-in-training. Additionally, 37 youth authors have published books through the organization’s Writers Pride program, and Speak Out Write Now is its online academy.


Beverly, the published author of over 30 books, believes Every Child Has A Story is unique in the way it addresses confidence and self-esteem in kids and is passionate about what she and her team of dedicated volunteers can accomplish. “Seeing the face of a child who came to us broken, depressed, and anxious soon blossom into a published author, a great speaker, or a business person who feels the world is theirs is very rewarding,” she says.


In 2022, Every Child Has A Story received an award for literacy from I See Me, an organization that focuses on bringing more books to children that celebrate diversity.


Dr. Beverly Jones-Durr

Founder — Every Child Has A Story

Website: www.


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