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Dr. Bharat Tewarie

Driven by a desire to push new boundaries and learn continuously, Bharat Tewarie has successfully pivoted his career many times. After his education as medical doctor, he moved from a hospital career to medical and then to commercial pharmaceutical and biotech roles. This resulted in his serving as the chief marketing officer and member of the executive committee of the biopharma company UCB for five years, until 2020. With his extensive professional experience across many countries and companies in hand, he launched Boston BioPharma Consultants, providing commercial advisory services to biopharma and medical device companies. Bharat assumes ad interim CEO roles and advises about corporate strategy, orchestrating winning product launches, improving commercial readiness, execution of go-to market strategies, and reinventing the patient experience. Bharat helps executives work on their mindsets to achieve success. “I help them find their inner genius,” he says. “Simply put, to be number one, you should think, act, and compete like number one.”

To this end, Bharat aligns vision, strategy, and execution to prepare the company, product, and market to win. He serves in boards of biopharma companies and is a keynote speaker on patient value, digital marketing, and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. As the 2019 recipient of the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award from IFAH, he knows of what he speaks. Bharat also supplies mentorship to CEOs and founders of life science start-ups as a part of New York University’s Endless Frontier Labs Program.

Bharat holds an MD and an MBA.

Bharat Tewarie, MD, MBA

Founder & CEO — Boston BioPharma Consultants

Website: www.BostonBioPharmaConsultants.com

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bharattewarie