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Dr. Hena Khaja Appears in the

2018 Top 100 Doctors

Hena A. Khaja, MD, is a board certified ophthalmologist currently in practice at Texas Eye Doctors. Dr. Khaja has completed extensive training in ophthalmic disease and ocular surgery and provides expertise in these fields as well as in lens implantation and retinopathy. Her recent research focuses on dangling lens phacoemulsification, a novel technique for phacoemulsification and lens implantation and on acute maculopathy. She has also conducted extensive performance analysis of various vitreoretinal instruments. 


Dr. Khaja graduated cum laude from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in human biology with a focus on pathogenesis and immunity and a minor in business. She completed her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, earning honors in surgery and ophthalmology. While at the Mayo Clinic, she presented clinical research on trabectome ablation arc and research on the incidence and clinical characteristics of epiretinal membranes in children. As chief resident at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Khaja presented idiopathic retinal phlebitis, lupus retinopathy, and cancer-associated retinopathy at the University’s grand rounds forum. 


Dr. Khaja is a proud member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Dallas Muslim Medical Alliance. Well respected by colleagues and patients for her skill and dedication, she attributes her success to passion, hard work, and commitment to quality patient care. “I have a strong desire to improve the ocular health of my patients through surgical intervention as well as doing continued research in the field of ophthalmology,” she said. Dr. Khaja also attributes much of her success to her mentor, Dr. Wesley Herman, a renowned innovator in the field of ophthalmic microsurgery. 


Dr. Khaja was inspired to pursue a career in the medicine by her parents, Yousuf and Majida Khaja and brother and two sisters, who are also in the field and have shown her tremendous support. Passionate about giving back to the community, Dr. Khaja supports nonprofit organizations such as Helping Hands. In her spare time, her interests include working out, bike riding, reading, watching movies, and traveling. Dr. Khaja also speaks Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish, which allows her to serve a diverse range of patients.  

Download the Top 100 Doctors and see Dr. Khaja's feature on page 48.

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