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Dr. Kennedy appears in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Dr. J. Phillip Kennedy


Five years ago, Dr. J. Phillip Kennedy was in his lab when the idea struck. After 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry and nearly 20 of specialization in organic chemistry, drug discovery, organometallics, drug design and delivery, bioenhancements, and much more, he’d already won awards for cancer research, earned multiple fellowships, and spoken at many scientific conferences. He’d also become one of the most published graduates of Vanderbilt University. But he was far from done contributing his vast knowledge and striving to combat health issues of all kinds, from skin conditions to cancer. To truly make a difference in people’s lives, he knew he had to combine his love of scientific rigor with his passion for pushing the envelope, even when surrounded by the naysaying that can unfortunately pervade a community supposedly dedicated to innovation. He drew on his experience in cancer research and in skin conditions, as well as his work on transdermal delivery via topical treatments, to explore the growing interest in cannabis and cannabinoid compounds, and thus, Truetiva, and its sister companies, were born.




Truetiva is an international patent-holding company focused on cannabis intellectual property; developing new targets for cannabinoid-based medicine. “Personally, I think natural products are a unique unresearched market with massive medical potential,” Phil says. As a medical chemist, he’s able to discover the medicinal properties of these substances while eliminating the negative effects. And while the products and technologies will address various health issues, Phil is also excited to pioneer the evolution of the mindset surrounding using compounds like cannabis in medicine. “My philosophy is getting rid of the conservatism in medical technology,” he explains. It is this philosophy that puts him and Truetiva on the cutting edge of a shifting medical and social landscape surrounding the previously illegal substance. As the founder and CEO, he’s spearheaded multiple projects involving pharmaceutical delivery technology to develop safe and reliable ways to deliver cannabinoids, while also eliminating roadblocks that have hampered other research in the past. One example of Truetiva’s technology surpasses current micellar and liposomal delivery systems, which means they have a significant competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market. Also setting Truetiva apart is their proven track record, patent pipeline (domestic and international), and treatment for unmet medical needs for illnesses and conditions previously thought untreatable. 


Advancing crucial medical care


Alongside Truetiva, Phil is also the CEO and founder of Amelior Pharmaceuticals Inc., a subsidiary of Truetiva, dedicated to treating “undruggable” cancers. Their proven technology has shown a 100-1000-fold increase in approved chemotherapies for aggressive cancers like pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, which introduces a window of opportunity for treatment, thanks to being able to utilize products that were previously illegal to research. Amelior has non-provisional patents for co-chemotherapeutic tech for pancreatic, lung, and colon cancer with promising results.


Phil also co-founded PKZ Inc., researching mRNA vaccine technology, specifically addressing the side effects that can manifest in the form of inflammatory and autoimmune issues brought on by vaccination, and that may also evolve into long-term health issues. “This potentially massive new market is an untapped therapeutic need,” he says.


Harnessing all natural products can do—and more


Phil’s scope encompasses more than cancer. His research into cannabinoids has also unlocked their potential uses for skin care, anti-aging, and weight loss products. Prior to Truetiva, as vice president of product development with Verdance Skin Care, he oversaw the development of new all-natural, organic skin care products featuring topical CBD formulas. Through Verdance, Phil developed invaluable relationships with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and physicians as he takes on conditions including acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis. He also envisions a therapeutic company developing solutions besides cannabinoids and consolidating the fragmented realm of anti-aging products and age-reversing technology to slow the aging process on a cellular level. And finally, his latest launch is Triptos Biotech, where, as CEO, Phil develops international patent portfolios outside of the cannabis field. Besides his scientific acumen, Phil’s expertise also extends to portfolio strategy, bringing programs from inception to market, and earning global recognition for multiple patents. Phil sits on the boards of all his companies.


A personal inspiration


Phil’s interest in improving and extending life comes from a deeply personal place. After witnessing his own family members succumb to various ailments and conditions, he wanted to use his expertise to save other people from going through the same. “There is an answer, we just have to find it,” he says. “Anything that seems impossible, I love solving. When you go into something with a very open mind, anything is possible.”


Dr. J. Phillip Kennedy

CEO & Founder — Truetiva



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