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Dr. Jerahn “JD” Hyman

When Press Play Podcasts first got its start in 2018, its sole focus was sports. But that was before Jerahn “J.D.” Hyman started on as chief operating officer in August 2020. When Dr. Hyman joined, Press Play’s CEO, Chase, saw an opportunity for the company to expand, and soon they were adding different aspects outside of sports to increase listenership. Though he’s only been handling Press Play’s daily operations, including finance and budget, marketing strategies, contracts, and intern management for just over a year, Dr. Hyman has already grown the network by more than 600% in just three months. He also played an integral role in bringing in the company’s first investor and made it the fastest growing podcast network in the Midwest. Though Dr. Hyman hails from Columbia, South Carolina, Press Play is centered in Ohio, home to several of Cleveland’s well-known sports radio and TV voices.


Today, Press Play hosts 13 shows and plans to bring on several more this year. While they still offer sports shows, their horizons have broadened to include a host of others, including shows about what’s new in streaming media, producing television and film from an Asian-American perspective, and the medical benefits of THC and CBD. They also host Dr. Hyman’s own podcast (The Hyman Podcast), which focuses on difficult conversations about race, society, and culture. Press Play has a unique process for selecting shows, which involves working with prospective hosts every step of the way, making sure they have all the tools and skills they need to be successful. “Our approach focuses on the host being successful, so the first priority is not necessarily the content of the podcast, but rather the ability of the host,” Dr. Hyman says.


Dr. Hyman has a strong business background, with a BA in business management, an MBA in business administration, and a doctorate in applied sciences in international business administration. He’s worked for Ohio’s Department of Taxation teaching and training auditors, as well as the Ohio Department of Education managing their $450 million special education budget. After moving to South Carolina, he became assistant business manager at Wellpath, a private healthcare company, where he focuses on building policy and procedure and streamlining processes and business practices. Dr. Hyman plans for use his research to consult other businesses on reducing turnover, which is what his doctoral dissertation covered, in addition to serving as COO of Press Play and hosting his own podcast.


Dr. Jerahn “JD” Hyman

Chief Operating Officer — Press Play Podcasts, LLC

Website: http://www.pressplaypodcast.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdhyman/

Facebook: JD Hyman

Instagram: @JDHyman

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