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Dr. Lisa M. Webb

Dr. Lisa M. Webb is an entrepreneur, clinical psychologist, organizational development consultant, executive relationship advisor, and business owner with over 20 years of experience advising corporate executives and their partners in the pursuit of more successful relationships.  Over her tenure she has had the good fortune to work with CEOs and other C-suite leaders and their executive management teams within technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care, and not-for-profit sectors. She owes her success as a trusted advisor with industry thought leaders to her ability to speak “business” with a “human” perspective.


Through her decades of work with executives, it was apparent that many of Dr. Webb’s clients’ successes in the boardroom did not translate to happiness at home. Many C-suite colleagues on their A-game at work lacked the same fervor when it came to their marriage or partner relationship. “A breakdown in relationships is not an absolute; rather, by applying corporate strategy to the context of a marriage, spouses can sustain a healthier long-term partnership and recognize that divorce is not the only option,” she explains. Using the tools that Dr. Webb’s relationship consulting services provide, couples can shift their perspective, eliminate dissonance, and communicate more effectively. Making the bridge between the boardroom and the bedroom was the impetus for the publication of her book, The Executive Marriage Solution, Translating Boardroom Success to Bedroom Bliss.


In addition to her executive relationship consultation services, Dr. Webb is also CEO of Body & Mind Consulting Associates Group, a wellness company she founded with her business partner about 21 years ago.  Body & Mind Consulting is a health care practice that integrates body and mind health interventions in an effort to assist clients with achieving optimal wellness. Her practice primarily focuses on interventions that bridge mind health and work effectiveness of C-suite executives in corporate environments. She has particular expertise in assisting executives with recognizing and decreasing the impact of life changes, burnout, and stress upon marital, family, and professional relationships. According to Dr. Webb, clients who take personal responsibility for their health find the approach refreshing and empowering. One client noted: “BMC [Body & Mind Consulting] does not look for the ‘quick fix’ or ‘Band-Aid.’  If you want to take control of your health and learn new strategies that go beyond a prescription, then this [Body & Mind Consulting] is the place for you.”


Dr. Webb has been recognized for her valuable assets, knowledge, and experience and as an influencer for her many varied accomplishments.  She has been acknowledged as a leader in both business and health care by The International Association of Women, was selected for inclusion in Trademark Top Doctors of America 2020 Honors Edition, and was featured in two CUTV News Radio interviews, both of which can be found on BlogTalkRadio. In the past, she was nominated for a TED Talk on her knowledge and methodology detailed in the Executive Marriage Solution. Celebrating almost 25 years of marriage with her husband, she brings both professional expertise and personal experience to her relationship consultation.  

Dr. Webb’s years of consulting experience have also been augmented with academic accomplishments. She holds several advanced degrees, including a doctorate in clinical psychology, a Master of Business Administration degree with emphasis in international business, a Master of Public Health degree with concentration in global health and epidemiology, and a Master of Environmental Science degree in global public health. Formal education and training, along with corporate and personal experiences, make her an expert on both relationships and wellness.


Beyond these achievements, Dr. Webb also has a passion for community service. Having a passion for the integration and nexus of human and animal health she began volunteering with One Health Commission (OHC). In collaboration with the OHC, she and colleagues launched the One Health and Social Sciences Initiative in an effort to foster the collective knowledge of social science researchers and practitioners to share their utilization of the One Health approach to facilitate achievement of the United Nations Strategic Development Goals of ecosystem sustainability, global food security, and equitable health.


Working internationally, she was fortunate to collaborate with researchers and clinicians in South Africa and the Dominican Republic to conduct community research surrounding HIV/AIDS to determine impediments to change in care at the grassroots level. Locally, Dr. Webb was also honored to be chosen to assist and become one of the founding members of the of the Southern Automotive Women’s Forum, a nonprofit dedicated to the personal and professional advancement of women in the automotive industry.



Dr. Lisa M. Webb

Consulting Associates Group, LLC

You can read more about her integrated health practice at www.bodymindtn.com and consultation with executives at https://executiverelationshipadvisor.com

You may also find her book, The Executive Marriage Solution: Transforming Boardroom Success into Bedroom Bliss at Amazon.com: https://tinyurl.com/executive-marriage-solution

One Health Commission (OHC): https://www.onehealthcommission.org

Southern Automotive Women’s Forum http://southernautomotivewomen.org