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Dr. Jain appears in the Top 100

Australian Professionals Magazine

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Dr. Mukesh Jain

Dr. Mukesh Jain is chairman and CEO of CV Laser Pty Ltd., a Perth-based Australian biotech company revered for developing the only patented and tested solid-state ablation technology for laser vision correction (LVC), with a total development cost of nearly $70 million and tested at 45 international sites within 24 different countries. Dr. Jain successfully led the team through 10 years for long-term clinical testing of the technology. Today, the innovative product is the only long-term, tested, laser vision correction technology in ophthalmology that does not need to remove the water from the eye before surgery. “The cornea keeps getting oxygen during this surgery, which is not possible with the lasers being used now,” Dr. Jain explains. Also, the other excimer lasers use a toxic gas, so a special room with exhaust must be prepared, but CV Laser’s solid-state technology uses no toxicity and little power, so no special room preparation is required. “The new laser is like a TV; you can switch it off or on at any time, so it is very cost efficient with an expected life of 15-20 years,” says Dr. Jain.


After receiving excellent trial results, the unique technology is ready for commercialization and is already in demand within the LVC market as most medical and industrial lasers are moving from gas to environmentally-friendly, solid-state lasers with better beam profiles, stable energy, and higher quality performance. The United States is the biggest LVC market and will be the main market for CV Laser’s technology, but the team must first raise money for the FDA trials. Once done, they expect to be the dominating company in the LVC industry worldwide. “Our purpose is not only to make surgeries affordable to the world but to also make the technology commercially advantageous, clinically superior, and scientifically better,” Dr. Jain explains.


Originally the senior business executive at Nidek Japan and CustomVis plc UK, Dr. Jain purchased the business in 2010 and then began working as chairman and CEO with the responsibility of leading the company to success through his extensive experience in management, corporate, finance, sales, and marketing.


As a high-tech international executive, educating the market for new technologies is Dr. Jain’s expertise. In fact, he has given over 400 international lectures, explaining the science behind various technologies. Although he has worked in the fields of breast cancer and stem cells, his primary focus is ophthalmology and LVC. “The most important thing is the acceptance of the high-tech products in the market, but this can only happen once people understand it, and this is my job” says Dr. Jain.  He has been recognized by the Australian Prime Minister by inviting him to have business dinner with the Indian Prime Minister.


Dr. Jain holds postgraduate degrees in physics, engineering science, and management as well as a Ph.D. in physics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Both his education and his work in a variety of sciences, including solar cells, infrared detectors, superconductivity, and ternary semiconductors have given him an in-depth understanding of different technologies as well as the ability to explain them to doctors in a quick and simple fashion. Dr. Jain edited two books, written 7 book chapters, and published more than 50 research papers.


Dr. Jain’s strategic influence has also been characterized by his strong ethics, honesty, and values. He not only believes in running an honorable business but in giving back to the community, which he has done for the past 25 years. He has been a member and a leader of various community organizations in Western Australia, including his recent position as president representing 55,000 Australian Indians at state and federal levels. In 2019, Dr. Jain received the prestigious ISWA Lakhwara Award in recognition of his community work.


Extensive worldwide travelling and business negotiations in different countries over the last thirty-five years has provided Dr. Jain with a deep appreciation of the diversity and feelings of different cultures.


Dr. Mukesh Jain

CEO and Chairman

CV Laser Pty Ltd.

Perth, Western Australia

Facebook: Mukesh Jain

LinkedIn: Mukesh Jain

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