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Dr. Shea Gregg


Dr. Shea Gregg, a distinguished trauma surgeon with a remarkable career spanning 16 years, is the visionary founder of FallCall Solutions. Dr. Gregg has devoted himself to caring for countless patients, a significant number of whom were seniors grappling with the aftermath of falls. This experience revealed a concerning pattern: many older adults refrained from using medical alert buttons due to the embarrassing stigma associated with them.


In April 2015, Apple Watch launched and ignited Dr. Gregg's entrepreneurial spirit. Despite minimal business experience, he recognized the life-saving potential of this cutting-edge technology. Armed with his clinical understanding of falls, Dr. Gregg set out to develop a fall detection algorithm that could determine fall severity and activate tiered help. Additionally, he envisioned an integrated system that would enhance communication with loved ones throughout emergencies.


Thus, FallCall Solutions was established in 2015, with a mission to make dignified safety accessible to older adults. Under Dr. Gregg's leadership, the company has disrupted the personal emergency response industry through automated and affordable medical alert applications compatible with wearable and mobile technology. Located in Trumbull, CT, FallCall Solutions stands as an exemplar of innovation, recognized for their end-to-end solution on Apple Watch, iPhone, and Android. Dr. Gregg's relentless dedication has led the company to numerous groundbreaking integrations, including 24/7 concierge emergency monitoring, patented Smart Fall Detection, and Apple Crash Detection.


Dr. Shea Gregg
FallCall Solutions

Facebook: Fall Call Solutions

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