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Duane appears in the Top 100 

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Duane Shugars


For the past 35 years, Duane Shugars has been innovating. From the intelligence community to broadcasting, and various industries in between, Duane has built an entire career out of a seemingly innate ability to figure things out. “I love taking an idea and making it into something,” he states. “It’s all about getting things to do what they’re supposed to do.” Driven by an unwavering desire to tackle issues with innovation and technology, Duane is a true problem-solver at heart. For him, the entrepreneurial journey started after college with his company in the late 1990s, which helped broadcasting companies digitalize video onto a server that people could access anywhere in the world. But after 9/11 happened, Duane shifted his focus back to the intelligence community, where he was doing cybersecurity and building big data platforms for government agencies.


Over the course of his career, Duane has learned from experience. Having started and sold more than five companies in total, the entrepreneur has been running companies for most of his life. Now, as president, CEO, and chairman of Digital Lantern, he remains passionate about helping others succeed in the space. Founded in 2019, the holding company incubates startups, including two cyber companies, one industrial hemp company, and an organization that does work within the federal government. “We started the company because we wanted to share our own knowledge and innovation with other companies and in order to help them get to market faster and flourish,” he states.



Duane Shugars

President & CEO — Digital Lantern



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