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Dustin Graham


The renaissance man of finance. Dustin's career began in college 20 years ago with his mentor, Mike Rosenfeld, teaching him how to work with and treat financial clients. His words of wisdom were, "You will be most valuable to people when you are well-rounded."


Dustin graduated with a degree in finance from Texas A&M – Corpus Christi in 2006 and went right to work on becoming well-rounded. He started as a personal banker for Chase Bank, then a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch in 2008 – the most challenging time for a new advisor. "I learned through the Great Recessions that the discipline to represent customers' best interests matters more than the company you work for."


For the last 15 years, Dustin has acquired experience in all facets of finance to help his customers better. During his career with clients, he has opened new bank accounts, designed full-scale retirement plans, and offered life insurance, annuities, Medicare, and estate planning. He's also helped his clients with financing cars and homes – with a strong affinity for non-QM loans – a complex, ever-changing type of loan. Dustin's ability to relate to clients on various topics makes him one of the most valuable financial professionals. "A jack of all trades - master of none - is often better than a master of one."


Today, Dustin is a principal of True Rate Mortgage Group, empowered by Nexa Mortgage, the country's largest mortgage brokerage company. He believes transparency and financial education are crucial for customers to make solid decisions. He enjoys working on the tough cases – business owners, investors, and first-time homebuyers. "There's nothing better than when you help someone realize a dream of owning a home for the first time. Second to that is helping people become real estate investors for a well-rounded financial plan and future."


Dustin also teaches weekly workshops to seniors on the principles and importance of estate planning throughout Arizona. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his two amazing daughters, Neve and Chandler.


Dustin Graham
True Rate Mortgage Group
Instagram: @dustgraham

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