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Ed Ratner

Not many people can say they have 38 patents to their name, but Ed Ratner can. The applied scientist and entrepreneur filed his first patent in 1999 as the chief scientist at Pulsent, a tech company where Ed worked on video comprehension and gained a deep interest in artificial intelligence. Today, as the founder and CEO of Edammo (www.edammoinc.com), he leads a top-tier AI company named as a Top 10 Predictive Analytics Company by CIO Applications Magazine, a Top 10 AI Solution Provider by Pharmatech Outlook Magazine, and a Top Start Up on topstartups.us.


Ed launched Edammo in 2018, where his patents are focused on core algorithms and algorithmic tech, machine learning, and computer vision, all geared toward their breakthrough technology that flies above the static “deep learning” AI currently available. Aptly name after the firm, Edammo Extreme AutoML technology provides real AI insights from data that is small or dynamic, which can trip up more conventional AI tech. With the chance to harness AI more easily and in any application, Edammo customers from all industries, including biotech and media, are reaching for this revolutionary technology. It’s no mystery that Ed’s team was awarded the Best Paper award at the Extreme Learning Machines Conference in Singapore.


A deeply creative person with a passion for innovation and an uncommon breadth of experience, Ed is able to manifest his ideas from concepts to marketable products—from research to development to execution to delivery.  Add to that his effectiveness in raising funds to feed his ideas—over $10 million to date—and he’s an unstoppable force determined to turn dreams into reality. And this is precisely what gives him the greatest thrill. “I love seeing ideas come to life,” he says. “It starts as a vision, and then actually gets deployed in the market and brings value to real customers doing real things.”


Ed Ratner

CEO — Edammo, Inc  

Website: edammoinc.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edratner