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Ed Stock

Ed Stock is the managing partner for Insula Capital Group, LLC, a direct private lender based in Farmingville, New York. Insula Capital specializes in lending to real estate investors throughout the country. Ed and his team primarily focus on serving buy-and-hold landlords and fix-and-flip investors—approving over $200 million per year in loans and executing closings faster than anyone else in the business, with closing typically taking place in just 1-3 days. In just five years, the group went from raising capital via friends and family to securing significant institutional relationships and building their own balance sheet. In fact, Insula was named The Best Private Lender in New York in 2019 by M&A Magazine. “We’re at the forefront of the ever-changing marketplace, and we’re on a very solid growth path. This company is well positioned for significant growth over the next 3-5 years,” says Ed.


Before founding Insula in March 2015, Ed spent 10 years flipping properties and borrowing money from local private lenders. They were expensive and failed to execute quickly, and he knew there had to be a better way of conducting business. After setting up a small fund between himself and a partner, Ed began raising capital from friends, family, and other individual investors. Although he was told it would take years to get institutional funding, he and his partner accomplished it within months. “Once we had essentially secured virtually unlimited capital, we focused on expanding our retail operations, and our growth exploded. We went from closing five loans per month to 15 and then to 50—all over the course of a couple of years,” Ed explains.


Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Insula made loans when no one else was making them. While many national lenders, who do over a billion dollars a year in loans, froze at the beginning of the pandemic, Ed had a big enough balance sheet to keep lending without interruption to clients, not only locally, but across the U.S. “We make loans fast and we always deliver because we have our own capital,” says Ed.


With over 20 years of real estate finance and investment experience, Ed acts as a full- time real estate investor as well as a private lender. As managing partner at Insula, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of daily operations, dealing directly with department heads, problem solving, managing consumer capital, making private loans, and raising capital from both individual and institutional investors.


Ed and his team work personally with each client, some of whom conduct multiple transactions a week, and we strive to build relationships that will last for years. “We give them the customer service of a small firm. Our borrowers have our cell phone numbers and they always work with the same person, but we’re never going to run out of capital like a local private lender,” Ed explains. “When people work with some of the larger lenders or  mortgage brokers, they may work with them once or twice and get bounced from person to personbut we get to know our borrowers very well and we always look to work together for years.”


Throughout his career, Ed has been a top producing closer and in 2019, he was named Portfolio Manager of the Year by the Pitbull Private Lending Conference. However, he considers his ability to find and take care of talent his greatest professional accomplishment. “I have some of the best salespeople in the business, and my operations team is second to none. My team is very loyal to me and I am very loyal to them. Without them, my companies would not be where they are today. My team members are the brightest and the best that I’ve ever known,” says Ed.



Ed Stock

Managing Partner

Insula Capital Group, LLC

Mount Sinai, New York


Download the magazine and see Ed's feature on page 105.

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