Edwin De Angel
PhD, P.E., CLP


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Edwin De Angel PhD, P.E., CLP

He’s a prolific inventor with more than 30 patents, an engineering expert with more than 25 years’ experience, and the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind three companies. If anyone knows how to spot a good idea and bring it to market, it’s Edwin De Angel, and as founder and CEO of Invention Matters (formerly Essential Technologies), he’s been doing it for over a decade. Edwin and his group of subject matter experts, patent attorneys, and licensing experts provide specialized expertise in intellectual property, development, positioning, and patent filing. Their mission? To help usher inventions and IP from genesis through patent acquisition and into the future.

While their clients include Intel, Intellectual Ventures, and Praetorian, Edwin is a champion of smaller tech companies, and the firm’s unique model gives them an advantage. Invention Matters® works with companies during critical times: product launch, M&A transactions, patent infringement, penetrating a new market, and technology licensing. As Edwin helps inventors transform ideas into success stories, he also leads a pair of other thriving ventures—Angel Real Estate and Invention-AI.

Edwin holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering and an MS and a BS in electrical engineering. He’s a licensed product management professional, certified licensing professional, IEEE senior member, and member of Business Network International.


Edwin De Angel PhD, P.E., CLP

Founder & CEO — Invention Matters

Website: ww.inventionmatters.com and https://invention-ai.com/  

LinkedIn: Edwin De Angel