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Elizabeth E. Nohren, Esq.

Elizabeth E. Nohren, Esq., who is celebrating her twenty-year anniversary in the field of law, has a pedigree that would impress even the most accomplished legal professionals. She is a fifth-generation attorney whose lineage extends back to her great-grandfather, the Honorable John W. Yantis, and a seasoned veteran who is continuing a family legacy of preserving justice, serving the community, and bettering the lives of others. And while she is honoring the traditions established by the founding members of Dove & Dove, she is synchronically guiding the namesake firm into the future for the generations to come—with the down-to-earth approach for which they are known.

Dove & Dove is the oldest law firm in Shelby County, Illinois, and possibly in the Fourth Circuit. It was established in 1876 by Theodore Dove, a relative of Liz’s father, Edward Christian Eberspacher III, who became a partner in 1980 and was admitted to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court one year later. Liz began her practice in 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, working alongside a talented group of attorneys at Field & Golan, now known as Golan Christie Taglia LLP.  Liz left the city and moved home to become the first female associate at Dove & Dove in 2004, joining her father and Theodore Dove’s grandson, Frank, surpassing the expectations set forth by her eminent forefathers. By 2012, Liz was running for circuit judge, but the untimely passing of her father and partner, E.C., and Frank Dove just two years before, left her with a monumental decision—abandon the race and take the helm of the century-old firm or close its doors forever. After much soul-searching, the decision was clear—she could not give up on Dove & Dove’s loyal staff and its clients who were depending on them.

It is said that fortune favors the bold, and as Liz endeavored to surmount the challenges before her, she had one extrinsic development. The daughter of one of her first clients at the firm was seeking a summer legal internship, and more than that, she wanted to help Liz through this emotional and stressful time. Liz hired Kaylee Boehm right out of law school and they’ve been together ever since. Dustin Probst had begun as a new associate with E.C. shortly before his passing, and is now a partner of the firm with Liz and Kaylee. As of 2021, the firm has a staff of five as well as three partners, all maintaining the integrity and traditions established by the founding members of Dove & Dove. While Liz leads a premier litigation law firm known far and wide for its specialization in family law, she works side-by-side with her clients, guiding them through some of the most trying times of their lives. But she is much more than a seasoned lawyer. She is a licensed mediator and a genuine advocate of family and harmony who is engaged her clients’ lives and committed to helping them find the best way forward—characteristics for which she is admired for by clients and judicial leaders alike. In the words of Kimberly G. Koester, retired chief judge of the Fourth Judicial Circuit, Illinois: “As a retired judge who had hundreds of attorneys argue cases in front of me, I would have to say that Ms. Nohren was always one of the most prepared, most passionate, and the most productive attorney for her clients. It was an honor to have her in my courtroom."

We spoke with Liz to learn more about Dove & Dove, Attorneys at Law, their remarkable history, their current focus, and what the future holds as they enter their second century in practice.

Liz, aside from the incredible history of your firm, what makes Dove & Dove unique?

I believe it’s our commitment to being available and accessible. Ten years ago, Kaylee and I decided that since we specialize in family law, and the firm is steeped in family values, we wanted our clients to feel like family. We share our personal phone numbers because we understand the emotional aspects that are inherent in this particular area of law. We don’t try to dictate; we coach our clients and let them know that they have a 51% vote as to how a case will be navigated and concluded. Litigation is never our first choice because although we excel at it, clients are usually more comfortable with a settlement than a contested trial.

What made you focus on family law in particular?

When I first practiced law, it was for a commercial, boutique litigation firm in Chicago and I absolutely loved it. I had gone through a divorce and the process was extremely stressful, but it gave me perspective. I began focusing on family law at Dove & Dove, and that became my specialty. I believe that my personal experience is what makes me stand out in terms of representation of my clients. It allows me to identify with them on a much deeper, more personal, more profound level.

Your son, Ben, serves as a guiding force in your work with families. Tell us about his influence. Does your personal experience as a mother to a special-needs child give you unique insight when helping your clients?

Having a special needs child provides clarity for this very distinct family dynamic. Ben makes me the attorney and person I am today. He gives me patience, kindness, and understanding. These traits are essential to the proper handling of a case and for the client’s welfare—not only in divorces, but in guardianship situations and health care, as well as in dealing with the emotional aspects.

What do you enjoy most about your work, Liz?  

I like the dynamic and interactions a smaller law firm in a rural community provides.  I have a good work-life balance, that allows me to prioritize my family, and I ensure that everyone in the firm can do so as well. I am also a certified Advanced SCUBA diver (with my husband and teenage son, Will) and I love to run, bike, and spend time on Lake Shelbyville and the Kaskaskia River. I also like doing something different every day in my profession —traveling and interacting with different judges and attorneys is very fulfilling and keeps me on my toes.

Liz received her undergraduate degree in political science from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, and her law degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. She also studied at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.

Elizabeth E. Nohren, Esq.
Managing Partner
Licensed Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer
Dove & Dove, Attorneys at Law
Facebook: Dove and Dove
Instagram: liznohren

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