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Emilie Mazzacurati is the founder and chief executive officer of Four Twenty Seven, Inc., an award-winning market research firm that provides data and economic analysis on the impacts of climate change.

In layman’s terms, Four Twenty Seven brings together climate and financial data to help investors and corporations understand the economic effects of climate change on their assets. Under Emilie’s skillful guidance, the talented staff of experts on climate science, computer engineering, macroeconomics, finance, natural resources management, policy analysis, and international development work with financial institutions, corporations, and government entities to enable the integration of climate science into business and policy decisions and foster climate adaptation and resilience investments.

While this may seem like a fairly novel niche within the financial sector, the demand for this data has grown exponentially over the past two years. Inundated with requests from wealth managers and financial advisors, who seek advanced knowledge of potential risks to their clients’ portfolios, Four Twenty Seven offers climate risk scores for a wide range of listed instruments in equities and fixed income markets. Their analysis leverages best-in-class climate data at the most granular level, and scores assets based on their precise geographic location. This provides the financial industry with the most comprehensive overview of investment outcomes related to present and future climate changes.

Emilie founded Four Twenty Seven in 2012, just after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Coast. Inflicting nearly $70 billion in damages, the storm provided the world with a vivid demonstration of how climate change affects the financial markets. She elaborates, “Climate risk and vulnerability assessments have been proven crucial to long-term economic security. By developing and implementing effective strategies to navigate our changing climate, we are essentially safeguarding our economy for future generations.”

In the six years since Four Twenty Seven was incorporated, it has accumulated numerous accolades including the Berkeley Visionary Award, a Risk Markets Technology Award, an ESRI Award, ISAR Honors from the UN Commission on Trade, and the EBJ Business Achievement Award, among numerous others.

Emilie received a master’s degree in development studies and European affairs from Sciences Po and a Master of Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to founding Four Twenty Seven, she held several roles for local and national governments. Emilie also served as head of carbon analysis for global markets with Thomson Reuters Point Carbon. Since 2013, she has lectured at University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management, teaching MBA students about climate risks and opportunities for the private sector.

Emilie has authored over a dozen widely commended publications, is a frequent speaker at industry events, and is a member of Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley and the American Society of Adaptation Professionals.

Learn more about Four Twenty Seven here: http://427mt.com/our-story/    and here:     http://427mt.com/insights/
Watch Emilie accept the Visionary Award from Berkeley Chamber here:  https://youtu.be/7ZpayN9zXCU


Contact: 415.930.9089  |  emazzacurati@427mt.com  |  www.427mt.com
2000 Hearst Ave., Berkley, CA 94709  Twitter: @emazzacurati / @427climaterisk


LinkedIn: /emazzacurati / four-twenty-seven-llc
Facebook: /FourTwentySeven/

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