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Emily Metzler

Emily Metzler has been working with MuniCap for 13 years, starting just after she graduated, and is proud to see how much she has grown right alongside her company, from her early days to her current role as senior vice president and CCO, and from the company’s early days with seven employees in one office, to having 36 employees across five states. MuniCap, a public finance consulting firm headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, works on a number of unique, large-scale real estate development projects using equally unique financing, including tax-increment financing, special taxing districts, and special assessment districts. “We rarely do small, and we don’t do basic!” Emily says of MuniCap. Last year, they assisted with a company record number of bond closings, over $1 billion.


MuniCap works with both public sector and private sector clients to create funding mechanisms that allow for the revitalization and reinvestment in communities. Emily is especially proud of the redevelopment of Downtown Columbia, a massive, multi-phased project, which financed infrastructure necessary to provide future affordable housing, a cultural center, library, and fire station. “We used much of the new revenues from the development to create these new social benefits,” she says. “It was truly a labor of love.” Currently, Emily is working on several affordable housing projects and a range of other developments focused on active placemaking, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Over her career with MuniCap, Emily has assisted with over 250 bond issues totaling approximately $5.0 billion in 26 states. In the last three years, MuniCap has assisted with over 100 issuances totaling approximately $2.1 billion in bonds.  Emily has provided supervision on 90% of these transactions.


Emily assumed the CCO role in 2016 to ensure the firm met MSRB and SEC requirements, has helped grow MuniCap from one office to five offices, and has handled all the hiring since she started. “I took on as much as I could and now wear a lot of hats in the company,” she says. But what she finds most exciting is the way in which public-private partnerships and these creative funding approaches can give jurisdictions wider options when it comes to meeting their long-term goals. “These unique types of financings are growing, and public sector is realizing they can utilize them as an alternative to accomplish their goals,” she says. “We’re helping clients meet their long-term objectives that help communities create sustainability and sustainable infrastructure. There’s a lot MuniCap makes happen that is needed around the country. We’re in a very unique situation because we’re bringing together the public and private sectors and really transitioning neighborhoods and communities.”


Emily Metzler

SVP & CCO — Company MuniCap, Inc.

Website: www.municap.com

LinkedIn: Emily Metzler

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