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Enada Pashaj-Hado

When she was four years old, Enada Pashaj-Hado immigrated with her parents to America from Albania. Although as a child she spoke no English and faced many obstacles, she persevered. Today, she has a highly successful career in finance and is VP, Asset Management at SitusAMC, where she manages assets across a broad range of complementary credit strategies, including private/opportunistic debt, structured credit, and commercial real estate. To date, she has held $12.2 Billion AUM (assets under management) and specializes in the oversight of multifamily equity assets across multiple funds, which include operational, financial, acquisition, and disposition responsibilities.

As a passionately driven CRE professional, Enada prides herself on her excellent communication skills, and her ability to provide strategic support for executive decisions. In a previous position where she worked as the sole asset manager for a high-profile real estate mogul, she was able to add $9 million dollars of value to a multifamily portfolio in just three months, while concurrently increasing effective rents across the states of Florida and Texas by 33%, collectively.

Now, recently married, she is an active real estate investor and enjoys knowing what she does impacts people, developments, and CRE performance. “I like being a driver of change,” she said, “I have a strong desire to succeed and overachieve.”

Alongside her impressive experience and yearning to excel, Enada is a licensed Chartered Portfolio Manager, issued by GAFM. She is also certified in portfolio and risk management, construction project management, and data science by IBM.


Enada Pashaj-Hado

VP Asset Management — Situs AMC


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