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Eric Brewer

Eric Brewer is a true visionary and as the owner of several successful businesses in the real estate investment industry, he implements innovative strategies to constantly improve processes and exceed business goals. Eric explains, “As the owner of the business, my role is to invoke these big ideas that help us to build strong relationships with our clients, lenders, referral partners and employees - that ultimately lead to business growth.”

Eric is the president and owner of Integrity First Home Buyers, a division of CR Property Group LLC, a real estate investment company that buys and sells homes.  While they focus predominantly on real estate investments, buying, renovating and selling homes, they work alongside a licensed, conventional, retail real estate team that contributes to the business model.

The business was founded in 2004 and has grown significantly since inception. They are different from other businesses in the industry because they offer much more than just a “cash deal” to purchase a home or property; they provide sellers with the support of an experienced real estate team working with seasoned investors. They also partner with a high-quality residential remodeling company that specializes in home repairs specific to appraisals and home inspections. They focus on the areas between Pennsylvania and Maryland and buy and sell over 400 investment properties yearly.

Eric adds that one of the contributing factors to business growth has been the way the company is run, “We truly operate as a team and utilize management systems that we have adopted from huge fortune 500 companies.”  He also credits their success with following an EOS® business model.  EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a set of concepts and practical tools that are used to manage and successfully grow a business, helping business owners and managers to identify their employees’ natural strengths and abilities and place them in the positions that they are most suited for.

Eric also credits his background in the military with providing him with the drive, dedication and discipline to successfully manage the business and motivate his employees, adding, “In the military, the most important thing they teach is that you are only as strong as your weakest link, and they place an enormous emphasis on team work.  I have truly incorporated this philosophy into our work culture.”

After his time in the military, Eric gained sales and managerial experience working in the automobile industry, moving up the ranks from a salesman to a sales manager, where he acquired hands-on experience working with a diverse group of clients.

Integrity First Home Buyers was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Pennsylvania by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal. Eric credits the success of his business to the “PIER” core values that they strive to live by: Perspective, Integrity, Excellence and Respect.

Eric Brewer

CEO, President

Integrity First Home Buyers

2500 Kingston Road

York, PA 17402

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