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Eric Gunnet

For Eric Gunnet and his top-tier team at York, Pennsylvania’s home-buying company First Capital Home Solutions, honesty and integrity is a top priority. Though revenue has been abundant over the course of Eric’s 20-year career, having purchased upwards of 500 homes, the company he set in motion in January 2020 has loftier goals in mind. “We started the company after witnessing many local people being taken advantage of by real estate investors,” Eric explains. “We wanted to ensure that when someone needs help, they get it without exploitation. It’s a great way for us to invest in real estate and give back to the people in our community.”


In pursuit of Eric’s mission, First Capital Home Solutions offers homeowners three options: quick sale, fix and list, or traditional listing. Regardless of the route the client chooses to pursue, for Eric, the process is a rewarding one. He beams, “I enjoy seeing the final product—the houses are rehabbed, the neighborhood and community is improved, all because of the work we do.”


Eric’s background as a serial entrepreneur with a history of building tremendously fruitful ventures greatly aids in his overwhelmingly successful pioneering of First Capital Home Solutions. As a result of having served his community of York County for several decades, Eric is now able to lead the company to effectively assist in purchasing local homes, with the intent of maintaining what he describes as a “small-town” business mindset. “We want to help our neighbors in any way we can.” Eric asserts.

As a born-and-raised resident of the area, Eric’s ability to relate to clients on a deeper level comes naturally. Many of his encounters present a difficult financial situation or circumstance, yet his background and approachable nature urges people to open up about these issues so that Eric can help them to overcome and conquer the situation in a way that is most beneficial to them. “We’re not just profit focused,” Eric states, “We’re people focused. We’ve missed projected margins and revenue on some of our deals, all in the service of helping someone in the community.”


Eric Gunnet

President & CEO — First Capital Home Solutions





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