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Eric Pacheco

Eric Pacheco had a 15-year career in higher education when he made the switch to real estate a few years back. But he says it’s precisely that experience in education, which requires a deep connection to people and attention to their unique needs, which has helped him hit the ground running in his new industry and gain a solid client base in a short period of time. In addition, he has a literal home-court advantage operating in his native Colorado. His intimate knowledge of Colorado market means he can help find the perfect home for any buyer, as well as show them all the hidden gems the area has to offer.


Eric joined Valor Real Estate, a company that values customer interaction and experience. “I’ve always had a very entrepreneurial spirit, and I’ve always been very good at relating to people, and I thought, why not use my ability to build relationships and relate to people to build my own real estate business and help people?” Eric says. Today, his focus lies mainly with buyers, though he works with his broker to provide services for sellers as well. And he has found that there is a surprising amount of similarity between his education career and his real estate one.


“In higher ed, my goal was to speak with students to identify why they’re going to college, and then figure out the right college, the right career. In real estate, the same idea applies. People know they want a house. I ask them what they’re looking for and uncover the different things they need, which helps us find the perfect home in the perfect location,” he explains. His staunch belief in education extends to his consultative approach when working with his clients. He takes the time and care to consult with them before they set foot in a house to ensure that they understand the process and have a roadmap and do it at a pace that’s comfortable for them.


Despite the strong sellers’ market in Colorado these days, Eric has been able to help his clients find their dream homes even, despite the short supply. He credits his consultative approach, as well as the customer-centric philosophies of Valor, to this success. “My approach is not about sales, it’s about building relationships, because if I can be more consultative in my approach, then people will not just trust me with their home purchase now but in the future for all their home-buying and selling needs.”


And that attention to each and every client pays off, not only for the client, but for Eric, personally, in the sense of fulfillment he gets. “It’s exciting to me because I played a key role in helping them, and this is one of the biggest investments of their life. The fact that they’re putting that level of trust in me is one of the best feelings. Whether it’s their first home or their fifth home, it’s so rewarding and gives me such a sense of accomplishment that I was part of this important part of their life. When you get to see a first-time buyer get their keys at closing, and they’re so proud, so excited at being a homeowner, that is a really cool feeling.”



Eric Pacheco

Realtor — Valor Real Estate




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