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Eric Wymore

Eric Wymore been with Metcalf Partners Wealth Management since its inception in 2011 in a combination role as partner, wealth manager, and co-chair of the firm’s investment committee, where he develops and oversees investment strategies for the company at large. He brings with him nearly two decades of experience in the investment services and financial advisory industry—and the unique blend of knowledge, skill, and empathy for which he is known.


As a wealth manager, Eric works closely with clients to develop a comprehensive wealth management strategy that includes investment management, and financial, wealth accumulation, and tax planning. His clients range from young professionals to those on the verge of retirement, and he empathizes with each of them with a sincere willingness to listen. “Rather than just stating what people should do, I listen to them and help them address the problem,” he says. “It’s very collaborative.” This spirit of “client-first” and collaboration extends across Metcalf Partners, and its one that their clients, many of whom are referrals from long-standing customers, truly appreciate. “The egos stay at the door,” he says, “Everybody works as a team. It’s a great culture that is client-first.”


It was this client-first ethos that inspired Eric and his team to help develop and implement special processes during the COVID-19 pandemic to seamlessly continue to serve their clients during a time of great uncertainty. As he and the entire Metcalf group communicated across several remote locations, they invested in portfolios developed prior to the pandemic, all while continuing to onboard new clients. “We grew significantly during the pandemic from referrals because people were comfortable with how we handled it and stayed calm and had a plan in place,” he says. Helping people is what Eric enjoys most about his work. “I get to meet new people all the time and help them pursue their financial goals. This is a very rewarding part of my job,” he shares. “When someone says, ‘I’m really glad I was introduced to you,’ it excites me and drives me every day.”


Eric holds a B.S. in finance from Iowa State University.


Eric Wymore

Partner & Wealth Manager — Metcalf Partners Wealth Management

Metcalf Partners Wealth Management


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