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Erich Fritz

Erich Fritz's story is a compelling blend of financial astuteness, technological prowess, and an undying commitment to redefining the paradigms of investment banking. As the founding partner and CEO of Fritz & Co., Erich is a trailblazer in the domain of technology investment banking advisory, leveraging over a decade's experience to shape the future of industries and their respective transformations.


Erich’s impressive proficiencies include mergers and acquisitions advisory, deal structuring, raising equity and debt capital, and managing divestitures for technology companies spanning a diverse range of industries and complex functions: industrial software, defense technology, security software, and sustainable and intelligent mobility/supply chain. Yet, Erich's expertise is not just confined to the intricacies of financial services. His foundational experience as a systems engineer within Northrop Grumman's Advanced Concepts and Technologies Division provided him with a deep dive into missile defense software development and target detection algorithms. This role, which required a Top-Secret security clearance, allowed Erich to develop a unique fusion of technical know-how and strategic vision, which would later form the bedrock of his investment banking journey.


Before the inception of Fritz & Co., Erich left indelible marks in the financial world, but as he transitioned from major banking institutions to smaller ones, he recognized a dire need for innovation and merit, in a world in which politics and arbitrary hierarchies sometimes reign supreme.  “Within the middle market segment of investment banking, as we adapt to a post-COVID world, I hold the belief and hope that numerous high achievers will come to realize that success in this industry, specifically within the middle market, is no longer dependent on physical, centralized scale and synergy. In fact, there exists an opportunity to disrupt the status quo with the adoption of distributed principles and technology as an enabler of advisory services,” Erich states.


Erich's educational trajectory aligns seamlessly with his professional journey. With an MBA in finance from The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, he embodies the perfect meld of finance and technology. Supplementing this is his M.S. coursework in applied mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Penn State, upholding the saying, "Education is the foundation upon which we build our future."


Fritz & Co., headquartered in Chicago, IL, stands as a testament to Erich's vision. This disruptive technology investment banking boutique is not just another advisory firm. It focuses on the crucial nexus of industrial transformation and sustainability, among other sectors, catering to secular themes as diverse as Gen AI/ML, IoT, and ESG. Beyond the realm of its core focus, Fritz & Co. provides structured finance, special situations advisory and internal software development.


In a world where financial services often appear distant and detached, Erich Fritz brings a human touch, leveraging interpersonal skills to cultivate relationships and provide strategic advice. Erich doesn't see transactions as mere isolated events; instead, he strives to build lasting relationships with his clients, becoming their trusted advisor throughout their entire respective strategic and financial journeys. His approach is characterized by ongoing engagement, including collaborative whiteboarding sessions during meetings, regardless of client size, actionability or lifecycle stage. Through these methods, Erich reaches beyond individual transactions to encompass every significant event in a company’s development, maturation, renaissance or rebirth, etc.



Erich Fritz

Founding Partner and CEO

Fritz & Co.


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