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Erik Lindgren


When Erik Lindgren moved to Arizona after a professional golf career, little did he know that he would end up meeting not only a best friend, but a partner in his own firm that’s making a difference on the environment as well as the professional front. That friend and partner was Michael Thooft, with whom Erik co-founded Tycho Energy in 2017. This Phoenix-based renewable energy solutions firm focuses on solar, but provides a whole-home approach to ensure people are getting the solutions that work for them.


As COO, Erik’s tech expertise allows him to create systems and databases that benefit the sales team, led by Michael. Currently, he’s overhauling their communications with homeowners, allowing them to connect via email and text for even greater convenience. He also built the company’s rigorous training program, something inspired by Erik’s own experience early on in the solar sector, where training was minimal, at best. “I had to figure it all out on my own,” he recalls.


Thanks to their new approach, centered around advanced technical training and best-in-class customer service, Tycho Energy’s team of 25 is experiencing steady growth and has earned the business of 70 Arizona homeowners in just a month—all while maintaining a spotless record with the BBB. For Erik, it’s really about changing lives, whether they’re a colleague or a homeowner. “I love helping people achieve things they never thought they could and learn things they can apply to every aspect of their lives,” he says. “On the homeowner's side, I like being able to put someone into a better financial position.”


Erik Lindgren

COO — Tycho Energy


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