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Erwin Delos Santos


Erwin Delos Santos is a dedicated entrepreneur with a strong work ethic and diverse expertise. His lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, instilled by his family, has led him to excel in various fields.


Currently, Erwin is the driving force behind DS Group Properties LLC, a company he founded in 2022, headquartered in Houston, Texas. DS Group Properties specializes in acquiring commercial real estate and developing valuable investment opportunities. In addition to his real estate pursuits, Erwin is committed to furthering his education and is actively pursuing an MBA. He also contributes his extensive knowledge to MR Modu Resources, where he conducts a wide range of inspections and audits within the oil and gas industry. This includes rig acceptance and selection inspections, drilling equipment evaluations, safety assessments, building commissioning, major upgrades, maintenance, equipment audits, and management assessments for various drilling platforms.


Erwin's diverse skill set extends beyond business and consulting. He is passionately pursuing aviation through a flying course, although it's not a career path. Looking ahead, Erwin is set to launch DS Financial in December 2023, marking a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. He expresses sincere gratitude to the authors Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich; and Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad; as well as Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy as his inspirations.  



Erwin Delos Santos
Founder and Entrepreneur
DS Group Properties LLC

Instagram: @airwind_d_lost_saint

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