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Ethan Hutcheson, AAMS®

Ethan Hutcheson has helped hundreds of clients over the course of his eight-year career in financial planning, and after joining Metcalf Partners Wealth Management in February of 2020 as wealth manager, he’s helped clients all across the U.S. build, design, and preserve their financial futures. Ethan handles everything from investments to tax-efficient investing for the emerging affluent crowd, individuals and families planning for retirement and who have more complex financial situations than average. He helps them navigate these unique complexities, including those involving exercising stock, taking stock as compensation, and setting up backdoor Roth strategies for high-income individuals restricted from contributing tax-advantage accounts. He also emphasizes tax diversification coupled with asset allocation and diversification in portfolios with the goal to help ensure his clients are properly allocated across tax buckets upon retirement.


Ethan’s own values as a financial planner mesh perfectly with Metcalf Partners. In fact, those common values were what drew him to Metcalf Partners in the first place. “Being a participating member in a smaller company allows me to provide insight as to how I like to manage my clients,” Ethan explains. “I think that gives me more flexibility when it comes to giving advice and providing meaningful impact without an overarching agenda from a large corporation.”


And it’s that meaningful impact that makes the job so fulfilling for Ethan. “Every family I deal with is different, so sitting down and understanding how each one treats and views money is a really cool aspect of my profession,” he says. “There are a lot of people out there who will give advice to the masses, or blanket advice, as I like to call it, but everyone views money differently, and learning about that family and their view towards money is a really fun part of my job.” Using this personal insight allows Ethan to guide them in the right direction to get the most from their finances. And alongside obtaining his AAMS certification, seeing clients’ lives change and getting them to the places they dream of being is the greatest reward of his job.



Ethan Hutcheson, AAMS®

Wealth Manager — Metcalf Partners Wealth Management


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