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Evan Bishop

Evan Bishop is a migration law consultant and the owner of Worldly Migration and Recruitment Consultancy, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. There, he works to provide a personalized approach, tailored to each client’s specific circumstances, and all migration consultancy services are geared to help clients successfully navigate the migration system as governed by Australian law.


Since its founding in 2018, Worldly Migration has handled cases most specifically in the employer sponsored area of migration law. Sympathetic to all parties, Evan represents employers as well as sponsored visa holders. He strives to help his clients by listening, providing clear advice, and letting them know exactly where they stand.


Most recently, Evan has begun to specialize in assisting visa holders who have been forced to decide whether to remain in Australia or return to their home countries during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has quickly become a dire issue because if an employer makes them redundant, visa holders have a 60-day period to find a new sponsored position, or they lose their rights to work and risk becoming unlawful. Therefore, since April, Evan has been devoting most of his time to these cases, working pro bono where possible.  

Evan has always held a genuine passion for helping others and in 2010, he was named Young Citizen of the Year by his local municipality. After receiving his Bachelor of Commerce degree in human resource management in 2012, he became a recruiter and started assisting international students. Then, in 2015, Evan went on to earn a Graduate Certificate of Australian Immigration Law and has since been assisting migrants with their residency as a fully qualified registered migration agent.


Evan Bishop


Worldly Migration and Recruitment Consultancy

Registered Migration Agent MARN: 1679414

website: www.worldlymigration.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/worldlymigration

Instagram: @Worldly_Migration

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/evan-bishop-migration-law/

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