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Chief Enterprise Architect, Head of Enterprise Foundation Services, Adjunct Professor, CEO,  Owner

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Evan J. Schwartz

Evan J. Schwartz, chief enterprise architect and head of enterprise foundation services at AMCS Group, adjunct professor at Jacksonville University, and CEO of Noble House of Schwartz, is a name synonymous with innovation and strategic leadership in technology and business.

Evan's journey began at the tender age of 16 when he founded Locatha Industries, Inc., developing a graphical scripting language known as DDO F/X for the Bulletin Board System (BBS) industry. His early entrepreneurial spirit set the stage for a career marked by groundbreaking achievements and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In 2000, Evan demonstrated his prowess in business development by transforming Infinite Energy, Inc. from a modest $80 million enterprise into a powerhouse exceeding $500 million in value through the design, development, and implementation of his first ERP software solution, an intelligent natural gas utility billing system.

Evan holds a master’s degree in computer science and mobile technology from Full Sail University. He expects to graduate with his MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology at the end of the year and continue to pursue his Ph.D. in computer science from Northcentral University.

At AMCS Group, Evan leads the enterprise architecture, DevOps, DevSecOps, and global engineering teams. His focus is on advancing AI, data science, and sustainable technology solutions. AMCS Group, a market leader in performance sustainability, provides SaaS vertical ERP end-to-end software for the waste, recycling, and commodity management industries. Founded in 2003, the company enables resource-intensive industries to enhance both sustainability and profitability.

As an adjunct professor at Jacksonville University, a premier private institution founded in 1934, Evan shares insights from over 30 years of experience in technology and leadership with the next generation of IT professionals. His dedication to education ensures that future leaders are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

Evan's entrepreneurial spirit extends to his role as CEO of Noble House of Schwartz, LLC, a family business established in 2014. This eclectic enterprise facilitates the Schwartz family's diverse business interests. Alongside his wife, Lisa, and sons, Zach and Xander, Evan nurtures a culture of creativity and exploration.

Expounding on his rich and diverse background, Evan agreed to share his knowledge, experiences, and vision for the future.

Evan, let’s start with your upcoming book, People, Places, and Things - A Framework for a Pain-Free ERP Implementation. Can you share some highlights? What was the vision behind this?

The drive behind this book stems from my extensive experience with ERP systems—designing, building, installing, and supporting them. Time and again, I have seen customers entranced by big ERP systems, only to waste tens of millions of dollars for something that won’t work. A personal childhood friend of my, who’s now a CEO, had a disastrous ERP rollout, paying $500,000 annually for a completely unusable system. This book aims to educate C-level decision-makers and operational leaders on how to purchase and implement software that runs their business effectively. The book covers essential topics like planning the rollout, asking the right questions, and selecting the right partner to avoid costly mistakes. Most businesses might undertake an ERP rollout once or twice in 15 years, meaning they often lack in-house expertise. If you’ve ever thought, “This is the most painful thing I’ve ever been through,” this book condenses 30 years of my experience into 95 pages of easy-to-follow, practical steps to help you manage or altogether avoid that pain.

PersonPlus.AI is both a digital companion to your book and a platform that helps leaders understand the benefits of the Person Plus AI strategy. Can you share a few highlights?

When generative AI emerged, many executives saw it as a way to downsize departments, replacing roles like customer service, marketers, and writers. This concerned me, so I conducted a thought experiment. For example, replacing a customer service rep with AI might save $500 a day, but can result in a substandard product. Alternatively, giving the rep AI tools can triple their output, creating a force multiplier effect. Instead of saving $10k in payroll, combining AI with employees can add $100k in revenue. PersonPlus.AI aims to show business owners that pairing AI with employees maximizes returns. Rather than cutting payroll, invest in enhancing your workforce with AI to grow your business.

You’re also a professor at Jacksonville University, with a very unique teaching style. Tell us about this.

My entrance into teaching was quite serendipitous. While presenting at a JAX Chamber - IT Council event. I was approached by a Jacksonville University director and asked if I would teach a technical project management course. It aligned well with my book project, so I agreed and was asked to develop a fresh curriculum. I jumped in and created one from scratch, ditching the typical approach in favor of a project management role-playing game. As my students learned the fundamentals, we role-played actual problems they might face, like power outages or losing workforce, and they had to devise strategies to handle these challenges within their budgets. The students loved it, and they scored exceptionally high on their finals. They retained the information because they felt like they were actually doing the work, not just memorizing textbook content. Now, I'm teaching classes on AI to business-level students, incorporating my Person Plus AI vision into the curriculum and classes on applied data mining.


Evan J. Schwartz

Chief Enterprise Architect and Head of Enterprise Foundation Services at AMCS Group

Adjunct Professor at Jacksonville University

CEO and Owner of Noble House of Schwartz

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