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Evan Silverio

A real estate investor with a purchase history of nearly 100 properties within 10 years and a current portfolio worth millions; president & CEO of two thriving insurance agencies, Evan Silverio is a remarkably successful entrepreneur who has built his entire career on trust, honesty, respect, and service excellence—core values instilled in him by his mother and father. As the owner of Silverio Insurance Agency, Woodcome Insurance Agency, and Diverse Real Estate, Evan’s principles anchor the culture and mission of this trifecta of family-owned firms, all of which are known for building trust with the tens of thousands of clients they serve across Massachusetts. In recognition of his leadership, he was named among Merrimack Valley’s 40 under 40 and was the recipient of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Emerging Leader Award.


Silverio Insurance Agency was founded in Lawrence, MA, in 1984 by Evan’s mother, who arrived in the U.S. from the Dominican Republic at just 15 years old. With a bilingual staff, the property and casualty insurance agency serves primarily the Spanish-speaking community. In 2006, after working as a loan officer for six years, Evan joined Silverio Insurance as a producer. The agency expanded their offices to Haverhill and Lowell, bringing the agency to over $1 million in revenue and solidifying its standing as the leader in providing world-class auto, home, personal, and business protection for individuals, families, and companies throughout New England. Just three years later, in 2009, Evan founded Diverse Real Estate, LLC, and with a disciplined eye on market trends, focused the company on flipping, renting, and developing real estate on a case-by-case basis.


In January 2020, with both Silverio Insurance’s expansion and Diverse Real Estate well-established, Evan acquired a second property and casualty insurance company, Woodcome Insurance Agency, in Leominster, MA, and along with it, the firm’s book of business of nearly 4,000 clients. As president and CEO of the 25-year-old firm, Evan brings the same unwavering values that are embodied in Silverio Insurance’s promise to its customers: “Our Service is Your Protection.”


We spoke with Evan to learn more about his companies, his insight as a successful business leader, and his dedication to providing trustworthy services to people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.


Trustworthiness is one of the core pillars of all your companies and a characteristic for which you are known. To what do you attribute your stalworth reputation?


In the insurance industry, we have a lot of volume, so most of our customers deal with my staff rather than me, personally, so I make sure we have the right people to protect our reputation and that everyone in the organization is rowing in the same direction. So, as CEO, I put together the following core values and hired accordingly: “Educate our customers and ourselves. Treat everyone with respect. Be accountable and honest. Strive for excellent customer service. Pay great attention to detail.” To this end, we focus a great deal on staff training, resources, and work environment, which leads to a better experience for both our customers and our employees. Trustworthiness is the result, and our job is to earn the trust of our customers every day.  As the trust is earned, the business grows.  Without trust we have nothing.


How does your dual insight both as a successful business owner and a real estate investor benefit your clients, both companies and individuals?


Being a business owner and real estate investor has given me the ability to connect and empathize with customers on many levels. It has created another level of trust because I know and respect the amount of work that goes into building, growing, and maintaining the name of a business in good standing.  That is why when they ask us to insure their business, we take into account that we are insuring our customer’s livelihood. 


What are some of the unusual needs of companies, and how do you serve them?


We assess each prospect’s company to figure out their insurance needs, and our producers are more than capable of doing so. We value their education and have put a curriculum into place to help our producers stand out. Our approach is a personalized approach. Every business is different, and a variety of factors can change their exposure.  Through experience, research, and product knowledge, our producers can tailor a policy that offers great coverage at competitive prices.  The sweet spot.


You’re very sensitive to the distinct cultural backgrounds of your staff and customers across both Silverio and Woodcome. Tell us why this is so important to you.


People like to do business where they feel comfortable, and the culture of the agency has a lot to do with this.  Silverio primarily serves the Spanish-speaking community, and our entire staff is bilingual. This is our niche, but it’s not just about the language. We make our Spanish-speaking customers feel comfortable, and we’ve raised the bar to give them great service. It is not good enough that we just speak the language.  Woodcome, on the other hand, serves a predominantly English-speaking community. When I acquired it, I could have moved it, changed its name, or replicated the Silverio model, but my experience as a first-generation American has made me culturally sensitive to people of all backgrounds and races. Although the demographics of Silverio and Woodcome are different, we still maintain the same positive work and service culture across both companies.


What do you enjoy most about your work? What drives you?


My work and my desire to make others around me successful give me the greatest reward I could ever hope for:  Purpose. The goals that I place on myself, both personally and professionally, are what get me up in the morning.  I am a deep believer in inspiring positive changes through my own actions rather than just my words, but the ultimate goal is to be a business owner that supports and contributes to those individuals, groups, and organizations that are making real changes in the world and our communities.


Evan Silverio

President and CEO of Silverio Insurance Agency

President and CEO of Woodcome Insurance Agency

Owner of Diverse Real Estate, LLC

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