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Farhan Naqvi

Farhan Naqvi is o using his financial industry expertise to help the world of AI enabled learning grow. As CFO of iLearningEngines, Inc.(ILE), he works with businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to see how can they leverage ILEs’s AI platform to execute on their visions. His successful experience as a technology investment banker, and the leadership role that he plays at ILE, which he joined in February 2019, as well as his considerable prior expertise with finance services for tech companies, has also recently earned him a place on the Forbes Finance Council.


iLearningEngines, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, is an AI-first software company providing learning automation programs to a variety of clients, in both academia as well as enterprise. Not only do their programs help people learn new skills and knowledge sets, but also help businesses and institutions increase performance and productivity. They’ve worked with educational institutions, as well as businesses in the insurance, medical, retail, and aviation sectors. “The more mission-critical the training process is for a client, the more valuable iLearning is for the client, especially in fields like insurance and health care,” Farhan says. The company has been named the world’s fastest growing tech company for the past five years in a row, and not without reason: the company has ballooned some 30 times in only four years.


Farhan started out in finance through an MBA internship with a PE firm focused on the tech space, which he completed as part of the MBA curriculum at Harvard Business School.. It was during his internship that he developed an interest in working in tech M&A. “I loved the way these guys approached value creation,” he remembers. “The internship really opened my eyes and got me initiated.” After working in investment banking on the East Coast for three years, he followed his passion for technology and moved to San Francisco in 2013 to work with Deutsche Bank, helping take disruptive technology companies to capital markets and advising them on M&A. He has worked with such giants as Uber, Alibaba, Square, Yahoo, and Amazon.


Farhan’s favorite thing ILE’s product is its AI first approach. “It’s far deeper and self-evolving, which is the biggest differentiator from other companies,” he says. “So from a client’s perspective, the product they use after five years is still fresh and still the most advanced product they can use.”


Farhan Naqvi

CFO — iLearning Engines, Inc.

Website: https://www.ilearningengines.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farhanalinaqvi/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naqvifarhan/

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