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Faria Rahman Ibrahim

Faria Rahman Ibrahim is president and CEO of Hudson Edge Real Estate, a privately owned real estate investment firm headquartered in Weehawken, New Jersey. Together, Faria and her team focus on creating value while maximizing profitability and revitalizing both residential and commercial assets. The residential side of the business consists of a team of contractors, acquisition managers, and lead sourcing individuals who do property rehab and turnkey rentals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Specializing in industrial, retail, and multi-tenant properties, the commercial side of Hudson Edge Real Estate is more wide-spread, covering all of Florida, Texas, and New Jersey’s tri-state area. While Faria sells and invests in some properties individually, she also collaborates with a few partners, and team members who are well equipped to raise private capital by offering equity or depreciation to investors. 


One aspect that sets Hudson Edge apart from competing firms is their extensive knowledge of the market. Team members conduct extensive research on commercial properties and meet quarterly to evaluate deals together. “Our vast experience and broad perspective keep us up to date and give us the advantage of being able to offer what properties are actually worth,” says Faria. Then, after finding out what a seller or an investor is looking for, the team is better equipped to find “just the right thing” to satisfy that individual’s needs. Having the ability to cater to the seller is not only essential for building strong relationships but also for guaranteeing return business. In fact, the success of Hudson Edge has been credited to Faria’s personal philosophy, “We rise by raising others.”


Faria is licensed in New York and started practicing real estate full time since 2014. She started out in residential with turnkey rentals and a few fix-and-flips in New Jersey. Then, in 2015, Faria began to transition toward the commercial side, buying value add properties and focusing on retail and industrial buildings. She especially liked to invest in distressed properties – “the ugliest places in the best neighborhood” ─ so she could be a part of bringing them back to life.


Today, as president and CEO, Faria spends most of her time getting lead sources by networking with brokers who bring off market deals. Once leads are sourced, she underwrites them, and then negotiates with the sellers or brokers. She also networks with lenders and investors to raise equity. Hudson Edge continues to purchase distressed properties, and once the acquisition is complete, Faria and her team helps force appreciate the value of the properties by increasing rent, extending leases, and doing any other work that is necessary.


Outside of the office, Faria is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and is currently pursuing her certified commercial investment member (CCIM) designation. She already holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering as well as a master’s degree in business administration and finance from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Prior to her career in real estate, Faria spent time in the fashion industry and co-founded Elan Rose Boutique Inc. She was also a day-trader for Standard and Poor’s 500 index funds.



Faria Rahman Ibrahim

President and CEO

Hudson Edge Real Estate

Facebook: Hudson Edge Realty

LinkedIn: Faria Rahman Ibrahim

Instagram: HudsonEdgeRealEstate  |  F.R.Ibrahim

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