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Faris Tadros has two official titles—senior loan officer and director of the VA department for The Tadros Team, an independently owned organization based in Troy, Michigan, under the larger, National Mortgage Home Loans.

While Faris expertly performs the responsibilities of his dual designations, they do not represent his character, neither in profession nor persona. He is, by nature, a caring and compassionate soul who incorporates these traits into everything he does. Even in business, where many of his industry peers exercise an opposing philosophy, Faris has carefully constructed a culture where clients and colleagues are family, and he ensures they are treated as such. “A lot of brokers and lenders treat people like numbers. They’re invested in the deal, but not in the client,” Faris shares. “I want the transaction to be successful to put families into homes, not to put money in my pocket. There are times I can’t sleep because I’m worried about how to make a challenging deal work. I have a growing family myself and I know how important the home buying or refinancing process can be.”

“Making it work” has become the norm for Faris. Where deals fall apart elsewhere, they come together with The Tadros Team. And, while their ideology is a major factor in their success, the team has the added benefit of a sound leader who has the experience to ensure their achievement as a collective unit and as individuals reaching for their own personal goals.

Real estate has been a part of Faris’s life since his childhood. His family has been involved in commercial real estate in Chicago for years and his uncle is a well-known developer. However, in a surprising departure from that legacy, Faris did not initially pursue a career in the industry. He had been in finance early on, before serving as district manager for AT&T, where he oversaw 15 locations, but the role was not “his calling.” Although he had learned much about the market, trends, and management, he was a “numbers guy” at heart and knew the next phase of his career should capitalize on these strengths. The choice to join Quicken Loans as a mortgage broker seemed like a natural progression. This role not only boosted his sales skillset, but prepared him for what was to come next.

Faris had always hoped to open his own mortgage brokerage and the opportunity presented itself in a rather unusual manner. He had been discussing the topic with a colleague who knew of a company that was looking to expand. This was an exciting prospect. After having a meeting with the company owners, Faris, along with eight of his associates, made plans to leave their current jobs and collectively open a new office for that company in January of 2019. But, when the time came, only Faris made the move. Never one to be discouraged by a challenge, he jumped in full force, determined to make it work, and work it did! In reflection, Faris shares, “It was a lot of hard work, but it’s the best thing I ever did.”

Faris has since thrived in his office because the entire culture is relationship-based. As part of his commitment to growth, he mentors 90% of his loan officers, providing guidance on how to generate business in the changing markets, while maintaining their commitment to providing exceptional service, industry expertise, and a family atmosphere.

The Top 100 Magazine spoke with Faris to learn more about him, The Tadros Team, and what makes them both unique.

Faris, what is the primary focus of your team and how do you differentiate yourself?

We specialize in residential real estate lending, primarily. Although we have the capability to work with niche products, we prefer to remain entirely focused and be experts in one area. As far as service goes, we are unmatched. We typically close a loan in nine days, which is unheard of. It’s a competitive market so a quick turnaround, along with a standard of service that is unrivaled, really separates us from the pack.

Tell us a little about your work with veterans.

VA lending is a drastically underserved market, but there are a lot of programs available. These are people who served our country and we want to get them more than what they are entitled to—we want to get them what they deserve. As of 2020, we were among the top 1% in the state for lending in this sector.

To what do you attribute your success as the leader of The Tadros Team?

I never stop trying to be better. Year after year, deal after deal, client after client—I try to imagine ways I can improve on every facet of the process. I hold myself to a very high standard, both professionally and personally, and I want to be a great role model for my team. I feel that inspiration is a far better tool than authority when it comes to leadership. When I say that I want to help people, that it’s my passion, I’m not qualifying that with “clients”, “veterans” or “agents.” It’s all people, all the time.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Meeting new people and making connections—not in the business sense, per se, but in the human connectivity aspect. I also like to ‘push the “envelope” to see how much more I can accomplish. Income is always incentivizing, but my first thought is: How can I use it to help more people? I’m a family man, so I’m particularly in tune with the rewards that come from putting a family in a home. It makes me feel like a better dad, someone who my daughter will be proud of.

You mention family. How do you balance your professional obligations with your personal life?

I am a super-proud dad. My wife and I had our daughter, Sophia, a little over a year ago and I try to avoid spending all my time in the office. Earlier in my career, I often worked 60-plus hours a week and it took a huge toll on both of our lives. Now I have more freedom to decide how and when I work. I’m still driven, but I’ve learned to prioritize and compromise.

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Faris Tadros

Director of the VA Department

Senior Loan Officer 

NMLS: 1497599

The Tadros Team, National Mortgage Home Loans

Website:  www.nationalmortgagehomeloans.com

LinkedIn: Faris TadrosFacebook: Faris Tadros, Your Financing Expert

Instagram: The_Tadros_Team

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