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Feras appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Feras Marish

Feras Marish is the co-founder and CEO of Hi-Rise Water Engineering Inc. Based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, HRWE is a specialized engineering company focused on domestic hot water solutions for all types of buildings, with a specific focus in multi-residential properties. He is the top expert in domestic water pressure-boosting systems in Canada and the U.S. and the pioneering engineer who solved hot water problems in high-rise buildings with the introduction of the groundbreaking Flowmix Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control System. Flowmix has an unprecedented ability to deliver, with extreme accuracy, properly maintained hot water long distances and across multiple pressure zones while reducing water waste and lowering natural gas consumption and electricity expenses.

“A client once said to me, ‘We’re able to put a man on the moon, but we can’t deliver hot water to people’s doors.’ For the first time ever, we have a reliable device that delivers hot water consistently and safely.”

Feras proudly leads Hi-Rise Water Engineering as the exclusive engineering and consulting firm for the patented Flowmix system, finally putting an end to the historical problems that have plagued residents across North America for generations. He leads a team of engineers and experts with 50 years of combined experience in domestic water solutions for high-rise properties who work with buildings to implement the system—all of whom have seen staggering savings upwards of 30 percent in water and 15 percent in natural gas and electricity.

The domestic hot water industry in North America has historically experienced neglect in all buildings, even more so in multi-residential buildings and high-rise properties, with fluctuating temperatures, inconsistent pressure, and delayed delivery of hot water. The challenge has become especially problematic as high-rise buildings have increased in height, thereby presenting significant distance and pressure requirements. Flowmix is the first product that solves all these problems.

“With its integration, we are able to provide solutions and results that were previously and otherwise impossible to achieve,” Feras explains. “Residents happily testify that they now enjoy the comfort of simple daily pleasures, such as a hot shower, and management benefits from significant cost savings.”

A towering 600-unit building in the heart of Toronto stands as a shining example of just one of many properties reaping the rewards of Flowmix—reducing its water bill by $140,000, from about half a million dollars to about $360,000. “All that water was going down the drain while waiting for it to heat up. It’s not just about comfort, it’s about a great financial decision, and one that supports water conservation,” Feras says.

An engineer with 20 years of expertise in and a lifelong passion for water engineering, Feras proudly consulted in the development of Flowmix as it incorporates into the entire domestic water system design for high-rise buildings. He founded Hi-Rise Water Engineering in 2018 specifically to deploy the Flowmix Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control System, sparking quick adoption of the product by 150-plus buildings and growing demand as word spread across Ontario.

Feras has dedicated nearly his entire career to the specific field of multi-residential water engineering, and his innovative designs have an impeccable history of success. With Feras having conducted over 1,000 water audits across North America and authored several scientific papers on domestic hot water system optimization, the Flowmix developers called upon him to design the entire domestic water implementation of the system. Driven by the same passion that compelled him to specialize in this rare field with a career that includes roles as regional energy optimization sales manager at Grundfos Pumps and business development manager at Xylem Water Solutions (ITT), Feras delivered.

For Feras, his work is personal, driven by the determination to use his expertise to help people, triggered by an event early in his career. “I was living in a building with hot water fluctuation problems. One of my neighbors who was ill with an extremely sensitive skin condition got terribly scalded, the burns on her hands so bad that she couldn’t brush her teeth,” he shares. “That’s the kind of thing that sparked my interest in this field. I see how my work affects people’s lives, and knowing I had a direct impact on improving their quality of life is immensely rewarding.”

Hi-Rise Water Engineering Inc. has proudly worked with the University of Toronto and Ontario Centres of Excellence to revolutionize how they design domestic hot water systems within the multi-residential building environment. Its solutions have focused on incorporating the Flowmix Hot Water Control System.

Among his many innovative contributions to the water engineering field, Feras pioneered the conversion of Canadian retrofit market of domestic cold-water booster systems from constant speed to variable speed pumps. Feras holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Ryerson University, where as a member of the Dean’s List and a Gold Key Honor Society Member (top 15 percent).

Feras Marish

Co-founder & CEO — Hi-Rise Water Engineering Inc.

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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