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Finnie Moye

Finnie Moye knows what it is to struggle, but she also knows that just one person sharing the right information and extending a little warmth and support can make a life-changing difference. Coming out of a traumatic divorce, Finnie had found herself without a roof over her head and was told there was no hope of her ever owning her own home based on her situation. But then she met someone whose knowledge, education, and empathy helped her find her way from the bottom to an award-winning real estate professional, and inspired her to help others in the same way. Today, as a Centurion Award-winning agent with Century 21, she wants her clients throughout the GTA and Durham region to have the same kind of success story that she had herself, no matter how impossible the dream of home ownership might seem to them at the time. “The vast majority of people I work with are the ones who are rejected elsewhere, who face the possibility of homelessness,” she says. “These are the people who actually need the help most.”


It’s this insight and understanding that have made Finnie incredibly successful as a realtor, because she knows how to alleviate stress and give clients hope during what can sometimes be a deeply stressful time. “Buying a home and moving from your existing home can be terrifying,” she says. That’s why she’s sure to approach all clients as family, establishing a close relationship of trust. Having lost her own mother and father, she’s especially protective of elderly couples. “I look at them as parents,” she says.


Finnie is a nearly 25-year resident of Durham, Ontario, who knows all the ins and outs of the area and an expert who knows the best times to buy or sell—and she’s a fearless advocate for clients in truly dire circumstances. She’s been able to help people going through divorces and other major upheavals. One of her most notable clients was a man who had walked through the U.S. border to get to Canada, and with his young family and a newborn infant, with no knowledge of the real estate market. Finnie, who also immigrated to Canada and knew very well the hardship of uprooting a life, was able to move them out of that basement and into a $1.4 million property. Another is Prisca Kase, a 27-year-old mother, wife, and the first college graduate of her family. Finnie helped them buy their first property for $375,000, then resell it later and buy a $1.2 million home. “I want people to see that there is hope, that dreams do come true regardless of life circumstances,” she says. “I want others to see these stories and relate.”


For Finnie, success simply means seeing people happy and secure, and she believes that everyone can achieve the quality of life they deserve with the right help. Her ultimate goal is to change the narrative around real estate, housing, and home ownership. And she’s been achieving that goal many times over with each client she helps into a new place to call home, no matter what their circumstances, as well as providing them with practical education and information they can use in the future. “I want to make housing a possibility for everyone, not just the elite,” she says.


Finnie Moye

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