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Franck J. Litzler

Franck Litzler is a wealth management advisor with Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors Ltd, part of the leading Swiss firm, Vontobel. As a financial expert, he has dedicated his entire 14-year career to this specialty. Franck is also a trained legal mind with an MBA, who holds a vast amount of knowledge, skill, and understanding in the areas of law, business, and finance. He draws upon his uncommonly broad perspective to advise high-net-worth families and individuals in the United States on global diversification of asset classes, risks, and jurisdiction.

Franck serves a variety of clients, including generational wealth, self-made entrepreneurs, and professionals with high income. Based in New York City, he concentrates on the tristate area, including Boston and New Hampshire, as well as a number of clients in Texas.

While Franck primarily serves U.S.-based clients, his international experience spans three continents, including Europe and Asia, and his ability to speak English, French, Italian, and German, give him a unique edge. Franck focuses on advising clients on their portfolios, long-term investing, and preserving or growing their wealth continuously, and brings them a more global perspective. This arms them with investments that reach beyond the U.S. and are more diversified than they would find at more U.S.-centric companies.

In his role of wealth management advisor, Franck explains, “I spend part of my time each day getting new clients and looking at markets; making sure current client portfolios are congruent. The other part of my day is truly white-glove wealth management—being the point of contact for the client and their family, lawyers, etc.”

Unlike most wealth management advisors, who followed the typical narrow academic path to a career in finance or business, Franck sought the whole financial picture. His journey to gathering knowledge began with a bachelor’s of laws, specifically financial law, from the University of Luxembourg, and master’s degree in business law and wealth management (Europe’s equivalent to an American J.D. degree), from Paris Dauphine University, with a specialization in estate planning for families owning closely held businesses. After completing his legal training cum laude with an LL.M. from Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law in 2006, he began his career as a wealth management advisor with Julius Baer in Zurich and Singapore.

After five years, Franck moved to the U.S. to pursue his goal to become both lawyer and financier. He received his MBA from the prestigious Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, where he focused on finance, learning from Professor Kenneth French, co-author of the Nobel Prize winning, Fama-French Portfolio Management Model. During this time, JPMorgan Private Bank recruited him for their New York City headquarters. He joined the firm as a private banker upon graduating with his MBA and thrived in a team focused on ultra high net worth clients. A few years later, when Franck was offered a position with Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors Ltd in New York City, he jumped at the chance. “I was very excited. The best way to describe it is I went back to my European roots and the Swiss banking industry that had trained me. I saw it as an opportunity to come full circle,” he shares.


Franck J. Litzler

Wealth Management Advisor — Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors Ltd


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