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Frank Mials Scurlock
The Need to Play


In the world of entertainment visionaries, three names stand tall: PT Barnum, Walt Disney, and Ripley. Among them strides Frank Mials Scurlock, the chief visionary officer and founder of Scurlock Entertainment Global and the Noigiler Foundation Inc. Much like his distinguished predecessors, Frank has embarked on a mission to traverse the globe, seeking novel and creative ways to infuse happiness into the lives of all generations, fostering love and diminishing hatred along the way.


From the outset, Scurlock Entertainment Global has made its mark by addressing the universal need for play and merriment. Frank's brainchild specializes in curating experiences that transcend age, resonating with children, adults, and grandparents alike. Their underlying message is clear: a quest to sow the seeds of love while eradicating the roots of hate, a pursuit accomplished through the alchemy of happiness and fun.


Frank's life journey is one marked by resilience and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, cultivated through his worldly travels. Channeling the spirit of his illustrious forebears, namely Walt Disney, he aspires not just to establish amusement parks, but authentic thematic paradises. This aspiration was nurtured in his youth, when his parents – trailblazing risk-takers – introduced him to the intricacies of business. Even as a 12-year-old, Frank was handed business cards that boldly read "Future President," propelling him onto an entrepreneurial path.


The foundation for Frank's creative genius was laid within the inflatable industry – a legacy authored by his parents, who pioneered this burgeoning domain. Their first production facility took shape in 1976, with a teenage Frank navigating the rigors of high school alongside his growing professional responsibilities. A testament to his innovative lineage, Frank's father, John Scurlock, engineered the very first inflatable bounce house. This invention catalyzed Frank's understanding of a broader demand, motivating him to spread the concept beyond New Orleans. With a location in Memphis inaugurated at just 18, Frank was now armed with his mother's coined phrase, "Here Comes Fun."


The mantle of creativity and ingenuity was seamlessly passed down, and Frank's initiation of Space Walk marked the dawn of a new entrepreneurial chapter. What began in a modest garage flourished into a nationwide network of 500 locations. Simultaneously, Inflatable Zoo was born under Frank's stewardship. In a transformative move, he sold these ventures in 2013, paving the way for his son Mials to shoulder their management – a responsibility he continues to uphold. Daughter Kelsey oversees marketing and recruitment, while son Tyler handles the shipping department. As his progeny carry the torch, Frank's unbridled creativity steers him toward fresh, uncharted endeavors.


Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jackson, Frank envisions himself as the amalgamation of their distinctive spirits. This concoction of creativity, innovation, and charisma fuels his continued journey. Scurlock Entertainment Group's recent focus on water-based attractions reinforces this ethos, with offerings like floating disco poles and innovative cabanas. Their consultancy services, sought by businesses aiming to inject playfulness into their models, underscore their versatile approach. As a private entity, they dictate their trajectory, grounded in the belief that love trumps monetary pursuits. Their product portfolio extends to resorts worldwide, where they imprint their signature blend of joy and exuberance. The roster spans terrestrial attractions like traditional bounce houses and aquatic endeavors encompassing floating obstacle courses and inflatables. A fabrication plant on the horizon is poised to birth these imaginative concepts in New Orleans.


Bolstered by a resolute mission, Scurlock Entertainment Global caters to an international audience, offering affordable, family-centric attractions and services spanning entertainment, rentals, sales, and more. Their portfolio encapsulates diverse projects, from minority-focused educational fun centers to grand-scale master developments, enriching underserved locales.


Frank's narrative, however, takes an unexpected twist, with the seasoned visionary now pursuing the role of governor of Louisiana as a spiritual independent. This leap into politics germinated from a thwarted attempt to purchase an abandoned Six Flags Theme Park. In 2017, his mayoral campaign in New Orleans stemmed from his unfulfilled amusement park dreams. The tumultuous political landscape galvanized him to run for president in 2020 as an independent, a testament to his audacity. Now, as he aspires to govern, Frank leverages his unique gift for entertainment, stitching bonds that bridge divides. His mission remains steadfast: to mold happiness and unity through creativity, placing them above the pursuit of mere financial gain.


In the lineage of entertainment luminaries, Frank Mials Scurlock emerges as a torchbearer of joy. From the inception of pioneering inflatables to his current gubernatorial quest, his journey is a symphony of creativity, resilience, and love. As the world evolves, Frank stands as a testament to the enduring power of happiness, proving that, in a realm teeming with challenges, the pursuit of genuine, boundless joy remains an unwavering compass.


Frank Mials Scurlock
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Scurlock Entertainment Global and the Noigiler Foundation Inc.



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